Blueberry Space Cake


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About Blueberry Space Cake

You can imagine this strain to be your perfect after dinner treat, and we’d guess that breeders at Cresco Labs intended that to be the case. Blueberry Space Cake is an indica-dominant bud that brings you a heady high and delicious flavor. Her lineage comes from a cross between Outer Space and Alien Dutchess, so you know she has to be good!

Despite coming from such a well-known breeder, THC levels for this bud have remained unpublished. Described as being rather potent, these blueish hued nugs feature furry brown hairs and a glittering coating of trichomes. Just as you’d imagine, this strain smells and tastes amazing, with a tropical blueberry note that’s mouth-watering and addicting.

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Initially, you’ll wonder if you really did select an indica-dominant bud as your energy levels will soar. Tingles will be present up and down your body, and your spirits will be lifted high into the sky. Many notice a strong case of the giggles too while others note their creativity is fully unleashed right after smoking. However while this ride is fun for the time being, you’ll eventually settle into a deeply sedative state that keeps you happy yet super mellow. You may want to be surrounded by close friends on this one, otherwise, you could end up being seen as a bit annoying.

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The end of a long day can often make aches and pains feel even worse, and those who need a bit of extra help often turn to Blueberry Space Cake. Handling bodily issues including headaches, cramps, and inflammation with ease, you also get the added benefit of boosting your mood. Those who struggle with stress or depression often turn to this uplifting strain to melt away their worries, especially if they tend to obsess on them instead of falling asleep.

Rumor has it that Blueberry Space Cake comes from the “Reserve” section of Cresco’s garden, so the ability to grow your own at home may be a little bit out of reach. If you do happen to get your hands on some seeds or even a clone, here’s what we can tell you: roughly 7 to 10 weeks of growth will yield you mature buds and some have said that this plant is moderately difficult to grow. As to her preferred environment, we’d guess indoors is better due to her breeder’s laboratory type of vibe.

Blueberry Space Cake may be pretty hard to come by on dispensary shelves, so don’t fall in love with the idea of this strain too quickly. If you do happen to find some locally, stock up as best as you can and ration it for the evenings when you’ve really taken a beating either physically or mentally. Sometimes we all need that extra escape at the end of the day, and this bud is certainly one to do that with.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Asa Seelbaugh

Every time this comes around the dispensary I pick it up, wether it’s by itself or mixed with Ghost Train Haze for example , I just happened to get that cart, but it’s always a real smooth almost thick taste of berries, super relaxing and it definitely hits ya in the body too. The only complaint I have is that you can never find the flower here in NW PA! I’d really like to taste this in its natural form too!! All of Cresco’s products are top notch and priced fairly!!


One the the better strain on the market! Smells and tastes like perfection! Perfect weed to relax after an hard day at job. Also helps with insomnia.

Midnight Toker

I really like this strain. The taste is delicious and represents the title quite nicely. I use this to get to sleep and it knocks me out fast. On the way their it is fun with a nice groove with giggly psychedelic outcomes. Nice body buzz as well. The only complaint I have is it is a little harsh if you take a big hit off of the vape. But its really because the resin is so thick. Great strain.