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Blue Widow is a balanced hybrid that can lean slightly Indica depending on the grower. Dinafem created the strain by crossing White Widow with Blueberry. The THC content of this strain ranges between 12 and 17 percent, which is average to slightly above average. The CBD content is about 0.3 percent. 

In appearance, Blue Widow buds are green with orange hair and may be tinged with blue or purple. Trichromes are plentiful, coating the flowers with crystals and making this strain good for hash-making. The aroma combines sour, pine, earth, and ammonia and finishes with sugar, blueberry, and pepper. The smoke is full-bodied and creates an impression on the lungs.

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Blue Widow provides recreational users with a relaxing, cerebral high. The relatively low THC content makes for a pleasant journey and not a psychoactive, trippy one. This strain will relieve your tension but allow you to get on with your duties or studies. 

Typical Effects

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

Medical users find this strain to be helpful in alleviating symptoms such as pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia. It helps with headache, cramps, and muscle pulls. While not high in CBD, it does help chemotherapy patients become more comfortable after treatment, relieving nausea. Patients may appreciate this strain if they want some mild symptom relief, while remaining alert and focused.

From Dinafem Seeds, Blue Widow plants have heavy trichrome development and a high yield. The flowering buds come on slowly at first until one day, the orange hairs explode in growth. They cover the blue-hued, dense bud clusters and compete with the trichromes for attention. The buds may show excellent color development with purple and blue. Fan leaves may turn dark purple with black and yellow.

THC Content











Outdoors, the plant may display great flexibility in coloring, displaying muted, warmer autumnal colors like orange and red and then shift into the colder hues of purple and blue, depending on the temperature. 

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Feminized seeds are available from Dinafem and others to grow indoors or outdoors. Inside, the plant should flower in 50 to 55 days. Outside, you can harvest usually in early to mid-October. The indoor yield averages 525 g/m2 and the outdoor yield averages 1100 g/plant.

The yield numbers are the official figures given by Dinafem, the breeder and seed supplier. However, home growers often have a different way of describing things. For instance, the yield for Blue Widow has been described as “2 lbs. per light” and “1 to 10 grams per bud.” Your yield will depend on your experience and equipment and the quality of your seeds or clones.


February 19, 2023

Scott Fisher

These smell good but they suck not very high THC I don’t even get a buzz waste of money

September 8, 2019

Trippy hippy

Omg smell taste and amazing bag appeal this strain has it all. Hard to believe it’s only 17% THC a wonderful relaxing high and pain reliever my arthritis felt so much better afterwards was in serious pain before use. Was very skeptical of the strain hype before now I have found my new favorite and over the past 40 years I’ve tried it all love this one. .

November 19, 2017


I'm not a reliable reviewer by any means as i am a little buzzed on mai-tai's, but this strain has a good flavor to it and i can confirm the euphoric-but not overwhelming effect, allowing me to type this right now.

September 7, 2017

Michael W.

A very pleasant and relaxing blend. Certainly helps with anxiety and relaxes the mind in an euphoric manner. Purchased a small amount recently and was very surprised at the effects considering it was a regularly available form of marijuana. Ticks all the boxes for me without a doubt.