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About Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese requires a high threshold for dank, earthy flavors – it’s named after the most pungent cheese, after all, though it doesn’t taste as much like its namesake as you might expect. Instead, it has more of a dank, berry flavor. Using it, this 80/20 Indica-heavy hybrid can encourage incredible relaxation. Big Buddha Seeds created the strain from a Cheese strain phenotype straight from the UK crossed with a hybrid male made from Blueberry and Big Buddha Cheese. The high slinks into your consciousness slowly but once it hits, it has a lot of great uses. Keep reading to find out what Blue Cheese is good for (other than salads).

The Blue Cheese strain takes a little over 60 days to flower on average. Long before then, it’ll start to smell of berry and cheese, like a garden of appetizer platters. Prepare for a late September harvest and a good yield. Growers of most experience levels will be able to get 500-600g of usable bud per square meter of garden. The buds grow densely and the trichomes come in thick and sticky.

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GROWING TIPS: Despite being easy to grow at an average yield, Blue Cheese is known for its high ratio of leaves to flowers, which means that it’s a difficult plant to trim. We recommend using the Sea of Green growing technique (or SOG) to get the most out of the plant. Blue Cheese also responds well to soil-based growing mediums as well as hydroponics setups, if you have one.

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Blue Cheese is incredibly dank, a mix of savory cheese and sweet fruit, like blueberries and strawberries mixed with herbs and earth. The result is stinky and emotional – even people who don’t like to eat blue cheese can enjoy its namesake strain. The aromatics are powerful.

For people who suffer from anxiety, pain, migraines, and depression, Blue Cheese is a great addition to your mental diet. Traumatic stress and attention disorders like ADHD can also be treated with Blue Cheese. Bipolar disorder or manic depression, which affects sleep so intensely that some doctors consider it a sleeping disorder, can also be addressed with a dose of Blue Cheese.

The strain’s high begins as a slow, creeping feeling of relaxation, which begins to deepen into euphoria all over your body. Though many users report dry eyes and mouth on Blue Cheese, for anxiety sufferers, this creamy, spicy, cheesy, sweety, fruity mess of a strain can provide a lot of benefits.

Recent Customer Reviews

Gnome Chompsky

Grew my own Blue Cheese and although its very good neither plant has the cheese smell. After being cured, the bud smells slightly sweet and herbal, no cheese. Smoking gives a floral and sweet taste thats kinda berry, but nothing very cheesy about it. Nice mellow high... not too relaxing that you get couch locked, with a bit of sativa uplift to make you feel happy and good with the world. After about 3 hours I get hungry and sleepy, followed by a really good night of sleep.

Jeremy Medinger

Man I heard mixed reviews, however, I absolutely love this strain….picked up a 1/2 oz. and absolutely enjoy the effects…I actually heard it wasn’t that potent, but mine came in at a 27.9% THC level…which is pretty high for the Blue Cheese Strain…Indica effects all buzz long…makes you very mellow and could easily couch lock you if you don’t mind your dose lol…But man A+ from me…I’m strictly indica and Blue Cheese is where it’s at…esp at 27.9%…plus it’s hard to get so I’m going to grab it when I can…ok folks….happy smokes!!!


Super heavy indica , the heaviest weed out there, it will make you super numb ,I loved it

Natasha Ervin

I've tried numerous strains and this is one of my top 3, possibly #1, (tied with MAC 10 :). It helped tremendously with nausea (IMO as good as if not better than prescription Zofran), and has an amazing calming effect. Buy this if you see it. You will not be disappointed!