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Aspen OG

Aspen OG

Sativa - 60% Leaning
Lineage: SFV OG Kush
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Aspen OG

Aspen OG is an up and coming hybrid with balanced indica and sativa effects. This strain is a cross between the Sour Diesel-descended Sour Cream and popular regional hybrid San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Developed by 303 Seeds -- a seasoned group of Colorado-based breeders named for Denver's three-digit area code -- Aspen OG has a lip-smacking kushy taste and an easygoing, balanced high. It's a great option for social or solo enjoyment, whether you're high in the Rockies or just kicking back at home.

Aspen OG has medium-sized flowers that show off a combination of indica and sativa traits: the buds have the durable and densely-packed structure typical of indica varieties while they hold an elongated spade-like shape characteristic of sativas. The twisted, coiled leaves are a yellowish-green and are threaded through with orange hairs (which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from flowering male plants). This strain's blanket of white trichomes may remind you of a fresh coat of powder on Aspen's storied slopes; this resin accounts for the strain's potency and gives the flowers a sticky texture and a silvery tint. As you might expect for a strain named for one of country's most densely-forested regions, Aspen OG has a scent that is at once dank and piney. The mossy scent of wood and earth is undercut by a funky, sour kick, courtesy of the Sour Diesel in this strain's lineage. Breaking or grinding up the buds yields a nutty, toasty aroma. When combusted, Aspen OG's smoke is smooth and tastes skunky and a little bit sweet on the exhale.

The high from Aspen OG comes in waves. It begins as a fast-acting head high, causing users to feel a distinct pressure around the eyes and temples. Stimulated cerebral activity follows soon after, sharpening senses and making thoughts race. Smokers may detect a psychedelic edge to this altered perception -- phenomena like visual distortions and a powerful sense of time dilation are common. These initially energetic effects can be great for accomplishing tasks from the mundane to the creative. After a while, a heavy body stone creeps in, releasing physical tension and slowing down any overstimulated thinking. While users may feel very relaxed and happy to remain in one place, they won't necessarily be couchlocked. Although it can be consumed at almost any time of day, Aspen OG is not recommended for use just before bedtime, as its sativa edge may keep users alert and awake. This may not be the most powerful choice for cannabis veterans with a high tolerance for THC, but it can be just the thing for newcomers or casual smokers.

Just as it confers a blend of mental and physical effects for recreational users, Aspen OG can have application for medical cannabis patients as well. Its physical sedation can soothe deep-seated aches and pains, whether they're incidental or injury-related or chronic, due to conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be good for anything from headaches to upset stomachs. It can also be a strong appetite stimulant. Psychologically speaking, Aspen OG's cerebral intensity and emotional uplift can provide temporary relief for those struggling with mild to moderate stress, anxiety, and depression. Its lucid sense of focus can also help those with attention deficit disorders.

Although 303 has released seeds of Aspen OG, they are only sold in brick-and-mortar locations in order to avoid online retail fraud. If you're not lucky enough to live in Colorado to pick some seeds up in person, you may be able to obtain clippings from mature, healthy Aspen OG plants in order to take clippings that can be grown as clones. This strain is considered a moderately difficult grown and may not be the best choice for newcomers to cultivation. It can be grown indoors or outdoor, although successful outdoor growing requires a warm, humid climate and consistent daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Aspen OG flowers within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors.

A relatively rare find east of the Rockies, Aspen OG is a balanced and boldly-flavored strain that makes a great addition to the OG Kush family. And while we can't exactly recommend blazing before hitting the slopes, Aspen OG can be the perfect way to kick off a protracted and relaxing after a ski session.

THC Content - 20.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Aspen OG Highest Test
Aspen OG Average

Common Usage


Dry Eyes


Jessica Marley
November 23, 2018
Tried this last year, out of my sampler. Enjoyed this and the Tahoe OG
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