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Recent Customer Reviews

Concord Cream
By: Faye Bailey

Excellent! Tried it for the first time last night. I bought it to help with sleepI fell asleep easily without a thought!

Grapefruit Diesel weed strain illustration
Grapefruit Diesel
By: RzMJ

Got this strain in UK.... absolute banger...effects similar to ECSD...but this was way stronger ....must try if your a diesel flavoitist

By: Cody Mack Adams

This one right here is most likely one of the best to ever be created by a doctor Frankenstein named the capulator and it really is a miracle of genetics. I don’t know what it is about these three strains combined but it is true one of the best as long as it is a cap cut even if it’s a impersonator miracle alien cookies you still can’t go wrong because I’m sure it’ll be close enough shout out to the capulator and brener for making this one available to me and everyone else that truly needs this miracle highbred from some alien Girl Scouts

Sugar Cone
By: Cody Adams

This shtuff is so so tasty and definitely worth a taste.. just a perfect 50-50, balanced hybrid. Be prepared for so many munchies and plenty of energy. No couch lock most definitely worth a try. No complaints here. I’m just looking for something to eat.

Sour Headband weed strain illustration
Sour Headband
By: Dan H

This strain is really amazing for its ability to ease pain and inflammation. The head is buzzy but I could still function. It gave me an initial jolt of energy lasting a couple of hours , uplifting, and settled into a nice comfy relaxed low level high. I use an Ariser Solo 2 so I can't give a flavor profile that smokers can relate to but can say it had an earthy taste. The buds are small and tight and have a diesel, citrus aroma. This is one of the best strains I have tried for my needs.

Grandmommy Purple weed strain illustration
Grandmommy Purple
By: OWEN, Scrivens

I ordered seeds and I have been growing pot for approximately 40 years. I was really disappointed in the Grandmommy purple not sure where the claims of high potency and high THC comes from. Maybe it’s just nerds trying to fit in.