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Recent Customer Reviews

Jack Herer weed strain illustration
Jack Herer

This strain is not for everyone. Best used in the morning or early afternoon. When using it in the evening, be prepared to be active until 02:00-03:00am. It is quite energetic but also relaxing. It generally improves mood and prompts conversation. It can also work well for housework when you need more energy but not that from caffeine. I'm not a sativa guy, more of an indica because of the relaxation and sleep aid. So be careful if you have problrm with falling asleep or insomnia. Jack Herer can keep you active for hours. If you are looking for a daytime strain I think it has the potency.

Captain Crunch
By: Lindsey Watson

One of the best strains for relaxing, chillin with friends, or after a long day at work! Great for pain, insomnia, loss of appetite. I absolutely love this strain!

Northern Lights weed strain illustration
Northern Lights
By: Willy Colon

I usually eat 70 mg for edibles. Ate 70 mg of northern lights and within one hour was face down on the bed floating like it was the first time I ever got high.

Tropical Kush
By: LeAnne Michelle

Excellent Excellent Excellent. I actually keep a close eye out for deals on this strain. Sleep and pain taken care of as well as appetite. I am a medical patient and this is a true medical strain. It helps with my 1 in over 1 million RARE disease called sCAEBV. This would also be a great strain for those having cancer treatments.

Honey Badger Haze
By: Toby

Very light, focusing, and energetic! Perfect daily go to.

Mystery OG
By: Nugs Fashion

Nice smooth amd clean taste. Instant head lift but with a mild peak. Semi dazy. Physically functional but still calming. Mind relaxed yes. Breathing soft. Munchies took a bit to kick in. Solid 3.