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Recent Customer Reviews

Blueberry weed strain illustration
By: Athena brown

It tastes exactly like blueberries, I dont know how, but I am very impressed with this strain.

Pop Tarts
By: Bobby Pen

I Just picked up a new batch. (OG Pop Tarts from GDF 70/30 Sat) Calculates out to 30.37% (disclaimer - based on package info.) Smooth draw. A mellow smoke. Dense bright green nuggs, with purple and gold hairs, and plenty of "frost"! Fruity aroma. Great deal at GDF. 3 puffs in and getting excellent medication. Kind of buzzy, and a smile on muh face. Will enjoy this and see where it goes. Rate 4.20 on 5 Star scale!

Viper City OG
By: Johnny C

I came in search of this just to leave a review. I am using this in the Moxie carts. By far my favorite medical strain in Utah right now. I was alarmed at just how strong it was, yet relieved at the fact that it seems no matter how high the dose, it never seems to hit a point of discomfort. Magical synergy going on here. First and only cart I've used that sends me completely to outer space for like 4 hours with 1 full large cougher. No other cart has lasted longer than an hour or so. I haven't tried the flower but Moxie's cart of it is absolutely phenomenal in my experience.

Charlotte's Web weed strain illustration
Charlotte's Web
By: Sukrit

It is one of the best experiences that i want. If you don’t want to get high just need some kind of pain relief, Relax after long day working this is the one you need.

Garlic Cookies
By: Duane Buchanan

Garlic cookies “take the cake” and sends you on your way to la la land. Tested at 35.6% Total THC and that should tell all reading this that it is earthy in taste but the high is creeper and it eventually convinces one that “if you ain’t choking, you ain’t smoking”! Herban renewal is a real thing and I am glad to partake of the noble Herb.

Mandarin Sunset
By: Space Duck

Fabulous strain. Would love to smoke some with Christia.