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Recent Customer Reviews

LA Kookies
By: Johny

Incredible dense and intense. The high is exactly as described. Beautiful purple buds with a strong earthy sweet scent, and an extremely sweet candy flavor that definitely lingers. Highly recommended bud.

Kosher Kush weed strain illustration
Kosher Kush
By: Full D

This was one of the first strains in a long time, that as soon as I hit it and exhaled, I said "yeah this is medical".Thoughts just... Stopped. Like immediately, all thoughts immediately ceased. Then relaxation, body feels good... Highly recommend this strain. Will be growing this one soon even though the seeds (from DNA Genetics) are rare af!MOZZLETOFF!

White Gold weed strain illustration
White Gold
By: Tommy Bundgaard

Top 10 favorite strain both to griw and smoke. I always come back to this strain. I grew it 5 times, by far my most grows of one strain. Super smooth, the kick can surprise. Mild tasting. MUST be cured properly or taste very sharp

Frosted Cherry Cookies
By: J gravelle

Tried Caramel apple gummies by green society. They were really good. They make you laugh

Cotton Candy Kush weed strain illustration
Cotton Candy Kush
By: J gravelle

First time trying this strain. I like it tastes good and smooth to smoke. Effects lasts a while. I'll definitely buy again

Death Bubba weed strain illustration
Death Bubba
By: Mark

Ah, finally: 1964 grew “organic” Death Bubba and made it available to Canadians. 25.8% THC. 3.32% terpene content. This plant relegates all other anxiety and sleep medications to the dustbin. You have my word, folks. If you suffer from insomnia — get this strain. As stated above, every time after waking from the corpse-like slumber, I feel very refreshed. More so than with other cannabis strains. Something to do with the Death Star lineage, because I had Death Star recently too and a similar feeling was had. Still, DB > Death Star alone.