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Recent Customer Reviews

Blissful Wizard
By: Tasha

This strain has me so chill right now. Took a a couple of hits on my vape pen and it hit me not long after, took couple more hits and here I am, writing this review ;)

Skywalker OG weed strain illustration
Skywalker OG
By: german santos

I picked some up today at my local Trulieve in Miami Florida it's from Roll One at 22% THC but the terps oh man 2.98% it's so good taste amazing smells great and finally not dry like most of their flower the company Roll One did an awesome job growing it.

Kandy Kush weed strain illustration
Kandy Kush
By: Stacie Johnson Cole

I cannot say enough positive things about this particular strain. I am NOT a pot smoker but if I had access to this on a regular basis I would be 100% a stoner. Lol. Too bad I live in NC where it's still illegal.

Maui Waui weed strain illustration
Maui Waui
By: Stayin’ medicated

This strain helped me get out of the funk I was in for awhile. Truly a great strain for depression, fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, muscle pains, stress, eating disorders, you name it! Well maybe not insomnia because that’s not what it’s intended for. When I hit this in the morning I’m ready to hit the gym or go for a run/bike ride. It’s such an amazing euphoric upbeat feeling. I feel happy and creative when I’m medicating with this strain. Waui is an amazing strain.

Acapulco Gold weed strain illustration
Acapulco Gold
By: Stayin’ medicated

Wow!!! What an awesome strain! This is a very clear headed, focus, get things done kind of strain. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase this strain out here in a live resin form and it was truly great. It helped a ton with my fatigue, stress, muscle pains, anxiety and more. I’ve been using this strain before the gym and before bike rides/running which has provided great energy and a nice clear headed euphoric feeling. This is a great strain! One of my favorite sativas next to Maui Waui.

Blue Dream weed strain illustration
Blue Dream
By: Reverend Burns

One of my favorite strains! A lady told me last night that it was the best she had ever had. Highly recommended for daytime use. If you have to wake and bake this is your strain