The Best CBD Cocktails in the Country [Guide]

CBD drink with cannabis

CBD has quickly become one of the hottest trends in cannabis since it stepped into the spotlight over a decade ago. Since the discovery of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid, research has found CBD is beneficial for pretty much every condition under the sun.  As one of the fastest growing health and wellness products to ever hit the natural market, CBD is in, and infused into almost everything these days. CBD-infused smoothies and juices can be found at hip, upscale spots in more progressive cities across the country…. Healthy foods aren’t the only thing CBD is making its way into. CBD cocktails are quickly rising in upscale cannabis counterculture. 

CBD cocktails are hip and sipped regularly among those who stay up on the latest trends in food, drink…and weed. And while not every state is serving up CBD-infused drinks along with your favorite craft draft or customary cocktail, there are several places in legal states that are catching onto to the CBD trend that’s taking over the nation.

CBD cocktails are most popular in the more progressive cities in the country. You’ll obviously find cannabis-infused cocktails in LA and San Francisco, two California cities who basically gave birth to cool. And forever at the forefront of cannabis legalization, some bars throughout Denver regularly feature cocktails infused with CBD. These cannabis creations have also been spotted on upscale menus in New York City, and while CBD cocktails haven’t exactly gone mainstream, they’re well-favored among the hip and trendy. 


Gracias Madre/West Hollywood

Picture of the Hollywood signHollywood wouldn’t be complete without the latest trending fads. Cool is basically born in California, and CBD cocktails are no exception. At Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, owner Maxwell Reis grew up around weed in Northern California. When CBD became mainstream, he made it a mission to introduce it to his customers and local community.

Reis says CBD can be used to enhance flavors with similar qualities when mixing cocktails. He mentions hops, basil, mint, and matcha as flavor combinations that pair well with the CBD tinctures and oils he uses in his cocktail creations.

“Up in Smoke” is one of the more famous CBD cocktails at hip Gracias Madre. Made with mezcal, aquavit, lime juice, agave, cannabis leaf juice (or green juice of your choice), and 15mg of CBD tincture, Reis describes this CBD cocktail as “a flavor profile Cheech and Chong could get behind.”

Other CBD cocktails at Gracias Madre include the “Gin and Chronic,” the “CBD Julip,” and the “Cannabis Cup.”

Pattern Bar/Los Angeles

The Pattern Bar was the first bar in Los Angeles’ fashion district to offer CBD cocktails. According to general manager Eduardo Peres, “With one sip of the Aramani, our signature CBD cocktail, you will be captivated with its bursting flavors of Florentine elderflower liqueur, New Amsterdam gin, muddled lime, lemon, orange, and mint. It’s like sunshine in a glass.”

You can get CBD added to any of the cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks served at the Pattern Bar for just $5. “We believe,” says Peres, “the benefits of CBD provide our Pattern Bar customers with a unique experience because it has been proven to help with numerous health elements including anxiety, pain, depression, and inflammation.”

Café Flore/San Francisco

San Francisco trolleyCafé Flore, located in the Castro, has been an integral part of the area for years. It was here that activist Dennis Peron met Brownie Mary and their mission to get cannabis to HIV patients was born. It’s here at Flore that you can now sit and sip on a signature CBD-infused cocktail, something that is still “scrutinized” by some people in the city according to co-owner Terrance Alan.

“We realize we are the first and being scrutinized from a lot of different corners of our city,” says Alan. “For that reason, we have been following strict dosing protocols coming from the Colorado experiment and ones that I believe we will find to be overly conservative once the excitement and fear around cannabis fades from the public discourse.”


Although other states are starting to catch up, Colorado’s been at the forefront of legal weed for years. It’s only natural that bars in Colorado would serve cocktails infused with the cannabis that’s made it famous. Union Lodge No. 1 in Denver serves artisan cocktails enhanced with CBD and is still off the beaten path far enough to be cool without being too cool.

And while not infused with booze, 303 Magazine did describe Carbon Copy and Habitat Donut Dispensary’s nitro cold brew coffee infused with CBD as “the ultimate hangover cure.” 

New York

New York city skylineNew York is one of the coolest cities in America and they’ve got a plethora of CBD cocktails and cuisine to prove it. Bushwick’s Lot 45 in Brooklyn rolled out a CBD-infused cocktail last April. “Right now, guests are intrigued with it,” says one bartender. “CBD has anti-anxiety properties…so it adds a nice calming effect to the cocktail.”

In New York, CBD is still fairly rare. It’s not like the west coast in the slightest. But people are interested…and CBD is becoming more common all the time. Some restaurants are embracing rising interest in CBD-infused products by offering special promotions that aren’t on the regular menu. Late last year, New York hotspot 5th & MAD began offering a signature CBD-infused cocktail on Saturday nights. Known as the POT LUCK, the cocktail was the first of its kind at this popular NYC bar.

At the Standard hotel group, regional beverage director Ashley Santoro added a cocktail with matcha, lemon, and egg white combined with mezcal and CBD to their East Village location’s Narc Bar. While CBD cocktails haven’t exactly gone mainstream, the curiosity of the public has peaked with more people interested in cannabis-infused libations than ever before. 

While you won’t find CBD cocktails in every legal cannabis city in the country, interest in these cannabis infusions is beginning to expand. As cannabis continues to surge in popularity and CBD becomes the $2.2 billion market its projected to be, CBD cocktails could soon become quite common.

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