Wikileaf Social Spotlight: King Onlii

King Onlii, lifestyle influencer

Anyone who has ever been to a club in Seattle worth going to has heard of Steven “King Onlii.” Artist, model, influencer – there are a lot of words that can be used to describe who King Onlii is. We were able to get Onlii in to the Wikileaf office for an exclusive smoke sesh/photoshoot, and to ask him some questions about his cannabis lifestyle. Here is this week’s Wikileaf Social Spotlight – King Onlii.

Q: Who are you, and what do you do?

A: I’m King Onlii and I’m a lifestyle influencer.

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Steven "Onlii" Jones exhales

 Q: Why do you choose to consume cannabis?

A: I find that consumption of cannabis products helps stimulate my creativity! I don’t get dressed without lighting up some flower.  We live in stressful times, cannabis helps take the edge off.

King Onlii smokes to stimulate creativity

 Q: What is your favorite activity to do while stoned?

A: I love to talk on the phone with my best friends when I’m stoned! We have the funniest conversations, often saying to one another “you’re hella high right now aren’t you?”

King Onlii

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 Q: What’s your favorite way to consume?

A: My favorite way to consume is via blunt! I started smoking when I was 23 and my friends always rolled blunts. At first, I was afraid to hit one, but that quickly passed! To me smoking a blunt says “I WANNA BE BAKED RIGHT NOW!”

King Onlii smokes in style

Q: What’s your most memorable high experience?

A: My most memorable high experience has to be when I smoked for the very first time. My friend’s mom convinced me to hit her bong. It was all over after that. I couldn’t stop eating!! I ate a hotdog, an ice cream sandwich, and half a bag of nacho cheese Doritos! Good times!

King Onlii exhaling

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Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A: The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is “always leave a little mystery during conversation.” The more you say the less mysterious you seem. Leave em guessing!

Onlii's favorite way to smoke is in a blunt

You can find King Onlii here:

Twitter: @king_onlii

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Instagram: @king_onlii

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