Wikileaf Social Spotlight: Natasha Singh

Meet Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh

Meet henna artist and cannabis advocate, Natasha Singh. She is the type of person who takes her cannabis advocacy so seriously, that she agreed to interview and shoot with us, regardless of her hectic work life, and the constant demands of being a mother. It was a typical Seattle day – it was grey and mildly chilly outside, but the ground was dry. Of course, this changed as soon as we started shooting. Natasha handled the weather like a champ, making “Do it for the gram” the mantra of the shoot. I had a great time getting to know Natasha, and we think she is definitely someone who you should get to know.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Natasha Singh I’m the founder & Master Artist of My Shanti Bar and Salon in Studio City, California. We specialize in lash extensions and henna tattoos. I’m a licensed cosmetologist, new mom to my 18 month old daughter Amritha, part-time model signed with Seattle Models Guild & Aston talent, and now a cannabis advocate (by fluke.) I am a workaholic, but I spend any spare time with my daughter and humongous family! My mom has 15 siblings and dad has 8. Everyday life consists of all this. It gets crazy but I love every second of it.

Meet Natasha Singh

Why do you choose to consume?

I consume to treat my PTSD and anxiety. I tried using pharmaceutical drugs in the past, and they were never effective, and actually worsened my condition. The only natural remedy, and what’s worked with my body, has been medical cannabis.

How has cannabis affected your lifestyle?

It enhanced my life in a positive light—the plant gives me peace, increases my appetite, helps eliminate my PTSD triggers, and the best gift of all, dreamless nights. Without it, I’ll sometimes suffer from nightmares & insomnia. When I switched from prescription drugs to cannabis my parents and most people that are closest to me had NO idea! My family and friends started to notice a difference in my mood and success in my work life. Hiding it for years was the hardest part, but the fact is the best moments in my life started after using medical cannabis.

Meet Natasha Singh

How did you get involved in cannabis advocacy?

Well, this wasn’t planned. My purpose for opening publicly about my cannabis use was to break the stigma about it within my own Indian family. I was tired of hiding my medicine. We were raised to believe that cannabis is a drug. I made one post publicly on my Instagram page that told my parents about my cannabis use, I received hundreds of texts & DM‘s from other women & men sharing their stories and thanking me for opening up about this topic. I saw that I wasn’t alone, and knew it was important to take this further, and share on a larger platform.  This isn’t a stigma just within the Indian community, but a stigma with immigrant parents and anyone who isn’t educated about the benefits of cannabis. I’m only 10 weeks into this advocacy journey and the response has been amazing. I’m not only honored to be a voice but also someone who experiences the true medical benefits from cannabis in my daily life.

What is your favorite activity to do while stoned?

Truthfully I can’t think of just one. I use this as medicine—taking little doses throughout the day, so I never get COMPLETELY STONED. I go about my everyday life. I guess doing “life” is my answer? Now two things more enjoyable after consuming cannabis are henna art and EATING. Everything tastes better when you’re high and it works wonderfully for artists to help create outside the box.

Meet Natasha Singh

What’s your favorite way to consume? 

At home, I use a glass pipe. On the go, joints are the most convenient. Before bedtime, I prefer to eat one 10mg edible vs smoking.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Always forgive, never hold grudges.

What’s your favorite brand/strain?

My favorite California brand would be Coast-to-Coast collectives, and my favorite strain is 3C Strawberry Fields, which is sativa dominant hybrid blend of Strawberry Cough and Space Queen. When I’m in Washington, Khush Kush is my go-to brand, and my favorite strain is Clementine, which is a sativa hybrid blend of Tangie & Lemon Skunk. Both strains give an uplifting, talkative, good vibes high, great for social anxiety, reducing fatigue and the best for artists on creative projects.

Follow Natasha on Instagram here: @hennabynatasha.

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