This week's Wikileaf Social Spotlight is shining on J Wonder, owner and founder of Wonder Pipes. Wonder Pipes is a business with a mission: to help empower other female entrepreneurs to succeed. J just started her business in January 2018, and has already had to more than triple her workload to meet demand. I promise that by the end of this interview, you're going to want to pick up your own custom Wonder Pipe.

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Who are you and what do?

I am J Wonder, and I'm the creator of Wonder Pipes. I spend about a month making the pipes (they're made in batches.) I happily work every day, about 80 hours a week. Any day can be designated to any part of the process, such as hand carving or trimming or throwing on the wheel or firing kilns, all of which I enjoy very much. Wonder Pipes is a modern collection of one of a kind smoking accessories, woman-made in WA with high-quality porcelain & 22K gold and a double bottom line:

A percentage of every sale supports female entrepreneurs.

J Wonder is taking a pull from a pipe

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So it sounds like these pipes take a lot of time! What's the average amount of time that it takes to finish one batch?

I'm trying to make it grow right now. Initially it was 30, and right now, I can do about 100 at a time, if I'm really pushing hard.

Are you making all of the pipes by hand yourself?

Yeah, I'm making everything myself right now on a mountainside next to my aunt's cannagrow, which is pretty cool. So her cannabis farm is literally steps away from where I make my pipes. J Wonder posing

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What are your pipes made of? What does that process look like?

Wonder Pipes are one of a kind handmade made of porcelain and 22k gold. They are hand thrown on the wheel and then altered and hand carved. Each one is individually hand carved at this point in time. They go through a series of different firing processes and each one is hand painted with a paintbrush. J Wonder

How long have you been doing this?

I launched Wonder Pipes on January 1 of this year.

So what was that transition like deciding to devote 100% of your time to crafting these pipes?

It's a really rewarding transition, actually. I feel an amazing amount of support from the local community and kind of a global receptivity to what I'm putting out via Instagram, and it feels really good. I've been really busy right from the start, so I'm really grateful for that. It always feels good to have a good dialogue going with your audience, and I think Instagram is a really good platform for that. It's nice to always incorporate that feedback into my process. J Wonder

How did you make the decision that this is what you wanted to do and this is where your passion was?

My aunt owns a cannabis farm here in Washington, and from 2014 to 2017 I watched her convert her cherry orchard into an outdoor grow, during which time she educated me about the new industry and inspired me to apply my skill set to it. Also, I am really inspired by the pipe as an object. I see it as a vehicle that transports us, that carries us, and I feel they have the potential to be unique and special and personal, and I treat each one that way. J Wonder smiling for the camera

Why do you choose to consume?

I consume for relaxation and good sleep and I see it as a very healthy alternative to alcohol. I don't drink at all.

How does cannabis affect your day to day lifestyle?

Cannabis has had a very positive impact on my lifestyle. Using it to relax as an alternative to alcohol just feels more healthy. You don't have a hangover and you don't ever regret any decisions you make while you were stoned. It's just a healthy herb. J Wonder smoking her pipe

What's your favorite activity to do while you're stoned?

I love to write and draw in my journal. And I love to dream.

This might seem silly to ask, but what's your favorite way to consume?

I consume via Wonder Pipes of course! I only smoke flower.

What is your most memorable high story?

I don't usually get too high, but the last time I did was a couple of years ago. My friend and I went to a show at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, and I was so high that I had to leave. I just wanted to go be in my fluff at home. It was kind of funny because I was like "Sorry, I have to go!" even though we had just gotten there. J Wonder

What's your go-to high food?

My go-to high food (and midnight snack because I only smoke at night) is Essential Bakery's Rosemary Diamante bread, toasted with sea salt and butter. It's the best spread in the world. Can't live without it. I even travel with it!

What's the best piece of life advice you've ever received that has helped you get to this point in your life?

I actually just received the best advice ever this week so it's still fresh in my mind. You cannot be both present and unhappy at the same time. It's a reminder to stay present and really enjoy where you are right now, and to enjoy this very moment. You can still have goals and you can still be ambitious, but don't identify with those goals or ambitions. You have to kind of separate yourself from them and really appreciate the moment and appreciate the journey, and appreciate the process.