Happy Valley Pipe Company (based out of Happy Valley, Oregon) produces high-quality handmade ceramic pipes. Each pipe is individually made, by hand, so no two pipes are exactly the same, making each one a collector's piece. Happy Valley doesn't sacrifice quality for quantity, opting to make fewer pipes than some other companies, so that each one can get the individual love and attention that they deserve. Happy Valley pipes are all made with locally sourced clay, to enhance the smoking experience:

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Happy Valley Pipe Company’s pipes are made in America with clay resourced from the Pacific Northwest. Clay, an inherently porous substance, naturally filters tars while allowing moisture to evaporate leaving you with a cleaner smoke. Due to this quality, moisture is removed as are displeasing odors other pipes often present. Each pipe’s inners remain unglazed in order to achieve maximum absorption while also reducing common build up of tar and resin. Unlike other pipes made from various materials, clay pipes do not need to be seasoned and immediately provide a great smoke.

Happy Valley Pipe Co. x Wikileaf

Happy Valley Pipe Co. did Wikileaf the honor of making us our own personalized pipe, and the wait was definitely worth it. The pipe is a hand painted and decorated with the Wikileaf logo and our name on the front. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the pipe delivers a smooth flavorful smoke. The icing on the cake is the Happy Valley bag marked with their cool logo to make traveling with your pipe easy.

We want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to HVPC for sending us our own pipe! We definitely recommend that everyone checks them out. We recorded our unboxing of the pipe so check that out below, and click here to see Happy Valley also make our pipe from start to finish! And to get your own pipe, visit them on Instagram or go to happyvalleypipecompany.com.

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