Women's History Month is upon us, so we wanted to take the time to specifically highlight some women weed bosses. This week's Wikileaf Social Spotlight is shining on Abigail Ross, the founder and Editor-In-Chief at Push Mag. Push Mag is a website and publication designed by and for women:

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Everyone remembers the first time they were pushed. Not encouraged, convinced or even considered — PUSHed. For many, the term alone evokes thoughts of unwillingness and force. We seek to change that pattern — to push back. Sparked from our desire to retain the revolutionary aspects of cannabis as it grows, we feel the responsibility to use this platform to celebrate, encourage and uplift those who reflect the wildly diverse world that we live in. PUSH is a cannabis lifestyle publication that engages in inspiring, solution-driven conversations in an open and inclusive environment that allows all who partake to feel safe and genuinely heard. Join in the movement. Stand up, push back.
Abigail eats, sleeps, and breaths (no pun intended)  cannabis. The amount of time and energy that she puts into her career is nothing short of impressive - even while we were busy setting up the studio for her interview, she pulled out her laptop and started responding to emails at the speed of light, while simultaneously talking to one of her writers about an article she had just submitted. The passion that she exudes while talking about the cannabis industry is extremely alluring, and Abigail proves that its possible to be bossy a la Oprah AND Cardi B. Abigial is definitely someone in the cannabis space who you should get to know.

Why do you choose to consume?

I choose to consume because it relieves my anxiety and life is just better when cannabis is in the equation.   Abigail chooses to consume to relieve stress and anxiety

How has cannabis affected your lifestyle?

I am not sure how cannabis doesn't affect my lifestyle. All of my work and relationships have cannabis at the center of them in my entire adult life. There is not a day that goes by that I am not talking about our plant!   Abigail Ross

How did you get involved in cannabis advocacy?

I started using cannabis in my teens and kind of fell into the industry as it was emerging in California. Cannabis is such an essential part of my daily life that I found myself defending its use constantly. After I got involved in writing about cannabis I started focusing more on women's issues around cannabis and that's where my main mission lies now. I guess I don't remember how it "started" but it has definitely evolved over the years.   Abigail Ross

 What is your favorite activity to do while stoned?

Sleep, eat, and relax. I know this is so cliche but they are all activities I have an extremely hard time doing if I'm not high.
Abigail Ross

What's your favorite way to consume?

Bongs, edibles, and blunts.

What's your favorite high food?

Pizza. All the way. And maybe cookie dough ice cream for dessert.
Abigail Ross

 What's your most memorable high story you have?

The most memorable high story I can think of was the first time I gelt cannabis in my brain medicinally. I was working super long hours for a cannabis magazine at the time and was having major trouble sleeping. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and taking a bong rip and feeling my brain physically relax into a warming sensation, and my anxiety went away. It was the first time I thought, "Holy shit, this stuff is really medicinal and super important." I knew this already working with so many medical patients but had never had my own visceral realization.
Abigail Ross

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

"Don't listen to other people's advice. It's probably just their own insecure projections of their own limiting beliefs."
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