Wikileaf in the Mix: White Widow

Listen to this playlist while smoking White Widow

White Widow

This week’s Wikileaf in the Mix is brought to you by the strain White Widow and our UX/UI Designer, Ben Frates. White Widow is a Sativa dominant strain with quick acting cerebral effects that enhance your sense of perception, especially when it comes to colors and sounds. It isn’t a very flavorful smoke, but what it lacks in flavor, it more than makes up for in euphoria, making it the perfect strain to consume while trying to be creative.

Leave it to Ben (who happens to be a drummer in a band) to be able to put together a playlist that perfectly takes advantage of this euphoric head high. All of the songs on his playlist have intricate guitar riffs, alluring vocals, and insane drum beats that melt together into an aurally stimulating sonic stew. We hope you enjoy this week’s Wikileaf in the Mix playlist!

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