Wikileaf in the Mix: Tangie

Smoke Tangie while listening to this week's playlist

The playlist was made with the strain tangie in mindI think this week Ben really tried to go out of his way to put songs on this playlist that I wouldn’t like; but the joke’s on him! I actually like a whopping three of the songs that he chose, which believe it or not, is a record for me. As it turns out, his playlist (which is very heavily influenced by the 70’s and 80’s) consists of a lot of music I grew up listening to via my parents (and a little bit from Guitar Hero 2) so I can’t really hate on it too much. Honestly at this point, I’d probably be a little worried if Ben sent me a playlist with what he dubs “Millenial Music” on it. And while I can’t vouch for his entire taste in music, I can say that this one gets a loose cosign, but you musical oldheads will probably really enjoy it.


Ben made his playlist while smoking on some Tangie, a 70% sativa with a real citrusy aroma and flavor profile. This is definitely an up and at ’em type of strain, bringing on an uplifting, euphoric, creative high. Some users report an increase after smoking Tangie. With the long weekend coming up, this is definitely a strain you’ll want to spark up while sparking up the grill or heading to the beach. Fun in the sun is more fun when you add Tangie to the mix.



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