Wikileaf in the Mix – Super Skunk

Smoke Super Skunk while listening to this playlist

This week’s Wikileaf in the Mix playlist is brought to you by our digital marketing coordinator, Kaden Reynoldson, paired with the strain Super Skunk. Kaden’s playlist is a mix of hip-hop and rock. Rather than stick with a genre, this playlist was composed by mood. Right off the bat, you’re hit in the face with some Metallica, followed up immediately by the jarring instrumentals and abrasive lyricism of BROCKHAMPTON.

Super Skunk is an indica leaning hybrid named for its particularly pungent smell. Super Skunk has a heavy euphoric body high, making it the perfect relaxation strain. If you’re the type of person who likes to come home after work and unwind by cranking up the speakers and disappearing into some hyphie music, then this is the playlist and strain for you.


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