Wikileaf in the Mix: Pink Lemonade

the strain pink lemonade

All Killer, No Filler

This week’s playlist was curated by our Creative Director, Jesse Codling, to be listened to while smoking the strain Pink Lemonade. Right after he sent me the link, he announced to the entire office that it was all killer, no filler. After listening to the playlist front to back three consecutive times, I can safely throw my cosign on that declaration. Honestly, anyone who actually knows anything about hip-hop could probably just scan the artist lineup on the playlist and pretty confidently say it’s a banger. From MF DOOM to A$AP Rocky to Blackthought to Ghostface Killah, this is seriously the most lyrically dense playlist we’ve produced to date. So this one goes out to you true hip-hop heads. Enjoy this seamless fusion of the old school with the new school.

Pink Lemonade: Cannabis Strain of the Week

Pink lemonade with strawberries

Pink Lemonade is one of Jesse’s favorite strains. All it takes is one sniff to understand how this strain got its name; it basically smells like that Country Time powder that you use to make the strain’s namesake. Pink Lemonade is an indica leaning hybrid with an intense high that doesn’t linger for too long. It has an even mix of body and cerebral effects, and because it has a slightly shorter than average high period, you can smoke it in the middle of the day and not be worried about being couch locked for the next 6 hours. The high that you get is perfect for this playlist; it’s enough of a floaty body high to thoroughly enjoy the subtle melodies and cadence of the songs, but cerebral enough for you to actually be able to ponder and appreciate the intricacies of both the lyrics themselves and the seemingly impossible internal rhyme schemes of each individual bar. This playlist gets 5 out of 5 gentleman’s dabs.


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