Wikileaf in the Mix – Pineapple Express

A playlist to be listened to while smoking Pineapple Express

This week’s Wikileaf in the Mix playlist, meant to be listened to while smoking Pineapple Express, has been curated by yours truly. Trust me when I say that I did an abundance of field testing with this one.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express, made popular by the Seth Rogan movie of the same name, is a slower acting, Sativa leaning hybrid. As the high sets in, it hits the head first and enhances your sensitivity to sound, so I focused on songs with heavy bass and synth presence, and unusual (almost jarring) yet somehow soulful melodies.

The beauty of Pineapple Express is it’s an energetic but not overbearing high. It enables you to power through to do lists but is still tame enough that you have no trouble relaxing. This makes the strain equally suitable for wake’n bakes and evening chill sessions. I wanted to reflect that in the playlist, so I arranged it in such a way that if you listen to it top to bottom, it becomes increasingly more hype and vice versa.

Or, you could just listen to it on shuffle since it’s full of nothing but bangers anyway.


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