Wikileaf in the Mix: Northern Lights

Listen to this playlist while smoking Northern Lights

If you felt like our last playlist was way too heavy and abrasive (thanks a lot, Kaden) then this week, get ready for what we’ve dubbed the float playlist. It’s packed with lighthearted, feel good, all around glowing vibes. Our head of Consumer Relations, Chanel White, curated this playlist to listen to while smoking Northern Lights. 

Northern Lights is a 95% indica strain, so naturally, you should expect to be couch locked. Known as a “2 hit and quit” strain, the high you get is a nice numbing body high, and along with it, a sense of well being and happiness.

Anyone who knows Chanel knows that this was the perfect strain for her to pair a playlist with. Out of anyone in the Wikileaf office, she is the most upbeat, peppy and positive person. She’s (deservingly) full of life, and her playlist reflects that.

So the next time you have a tough day at work and you really need to unwind and get into a happy headspace, grab some Northern Lights, turn up this playlist, and dance your stress away. Then, plop down on the couch and take care of those munchies.

Have a strain that you want us to make a playlist for? Email me at

Want to get to know Chanel’s story? Follow her on Instagram here: @thetubefedwife.


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