Welcome to another week of Wikileaf in the mix. This week, we've got something a little sweet for you. Our Creative Director, Jesse Codling, is back at it again, building his playlist around the strain Gelato. Jesse dubbed this his "millennial playlist," and after giving it a listen through, I could only laugh at how appropriate that title is. From Nacho Picasso talking about not being anyone else's role model to Sol's apathetic message of call or don't call, because either way he'll be good, to Sam Lachow sampling Owen Wilson saying "wow" (see below), Jesse did a good job of capturing the millennial essence.

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Gelato is a hybrid crossed between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. It's a flavorful smoke with a mellow high that's perfect for social settings. So the next time you and your millennial friends want to get together, smoke, and talk about memes, grab some gelato, put on this playlist, and wait for everyone to say "Wow."