Wikileaf in the Mix: Chemdawg

Smoke some Chemdawg dog

Our Wikileaf in the Mix playlist has cycled back to our UX/UI Designer, Ben Frates (pronounced Fray-tes). I find the juxtaposition of Ben’s playlists to mine very interesting, for the sole fact that he and I have almost no overlap in our music tastes. In fact, one could probably argue that he and I are complete musical opposites. The person who is generally going to thoroughly enjoy my playlists (like a 10 track ode to Drake) is probably going to hate Ben’s, and vice versa. But that’s why we cycle through the office for these playlists!


Ben’s strain this week is Chemdawg. Don’t be fooled by the 55% indica label though – Chemdawg gives you an energetic high that lends itself well to social gatherings as well as bolstering a creative state of mind. What starts out as a sharpening of the senses and a hyperawareness of your surroundings mellows out into a euphoric, comforting high without inducing couchlock.

Go grab yourself some Chemdawg and give Ben’s playlist a listen. If you like weed and music from the 80s, this is the playlist for you.



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