Wikileaf in the Mix: Bubblegum

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This week’s strain playlist comes to us from our VP of Experiential Marketing, Kate, who put together a concoction of trap beats and hood lyrics to facilitate your high while you smoke your bud. From Wu-Tang to Pusha T to Geto Boys, this playlist isn’t for the faint of heart (aka real G’s only.) This is the type of playlist to make you want to load up an eighth into a Backwoods and chill on the stoop with your boombox.

Strain of the week: Bubblegum

Cannabis strain bubblegum

Okay, so you have your music queued, your baggy 90’s tracksuit on, and your blunt wrap emptied out. Now all you need is the weed. Our recommendation for this playlist? Bubblegum all the way. Wayne said, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” and that’s exactly what you’ll be after smoking this strain: silent (and maybe devouring some lasagna.) Bubblegum is a 60% indica that produces a strong euphoric high, and an even stronger sense of couchlock. It’s the ultimate chill strain, perfect for anyone who suffers from any type of stress or anxiety. If you’re just trying to kick it and enjoy your high in one sedentary position, this is both the playlist and the strain for you.

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