Wikileaf in the Mix – Blueberry

Blueberry is a heavy indica

I don’t know if you guys remember Kaden’s last playlist, but you won’t see any signs of that anger and aggression on this one, curated to be listened to while smoking Blueberry. I was so surprised by the tone of these songs that I had to ask him about his inspiration for this week.

In between bites of borscht, Kaden told me “Last time it was all rage, so this week it’s all about tender gentleness.”

And to be honest, that’s the best combination of words to explain what you feel when you give this playlist a listen.


Blueberry is a heavy indica (80%) that is bound to knock you on your keister. Be warned – this strain is not for the newbie or faint of heart. Known as a one hit and quit strain, smoking blueberry will cause an overall body heaviness to set in, potentially causing disorientation if you have to move around a lot. This is definitely a couchlock strain, and Kaden’s playlist will definitely facilitate and enhance that couchlock feeling. So if you have nothing to do for a while and are looking to zone out and listen to some chill vibes, this playlist strain pairing is the one for you.

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