Wikileaf in the Mix – A Playlist Paired With the Strain Blue Dream

This week's strain is Blue Dream

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another Wikileaf in the Mix playlist! This week we threw the aux to our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Kaden, and he did not disappoint. He made his playlist to be listened to while smoking the strain Blue Dream.

Okay, so at this point, I have to drop a disclaimer. Be warned, if you listen to this playlist from front to back, you may find yourself dressing like the following:

This is what Brockhampton fans look like


If you feel like you are prepared for these potential consequences, then by all means, continue reading.

This playlist can be described simply with three words: millennial backpack rap. It opens up with Brockhampton, and only gets better from there. Kaden really focused on using songs that provide you with lyrics that deliver intricately woven messages combined with melodious instrumentals that are beautiful in and of themselves, but at the same time enhance the power behind the lyricism. When I saw this, I told Kaden that this literally looked like a playlist I could see myself putting together (half of these songs are on my Overwatch playlist, no cap.)

Strain of the Week – Blue Dream

Kaden’s playlist was particularly good for this week’s strain, which is Blue Dream. Blue Dream, a 50/50 hybrid, is an extremely popular strain amongst both beginners and seasoned stoners. It starts off with a very bubbly, cerebral rush, and then mellows out into a relaxing body high. You’ll be in the perfect mind state to enjoy this playlist.


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