Radio show And we're back with another Power Hour Love Session, where we'll be bringing you one hour of sonic pleasure, straight to the dome. I'm your host, Christian, coming to you live from 111.5 WKLF, and these next few songs are dedicated to all the smooth souls out there just yearning to FEEL. Okay, just kidding. Sort of. This week's Wikileaf in the Mix playlist was curated by yours truly, to be listened to while smoking the strain Sexxpot. The playlist that I put together is a first for two reasons:

  1. It doesn't have any Kanye on it
  2. It's actually 99% R&B

Don't worry, I'll wait for you guys to recompose yourselves. I was a little shocked too, and I'm the one who made the damn thing. Instead, what you're getting this week is a very chill playlist that is perfect for our strain of the week (especially if you like to have sex while high.) I mixed a little of the old school with the new; sure I have Drake and The Weeknd on here, but I also threw in some Usher and Tamia. Once you smoke your Sexxpot, the melodies, lyrics, and voices will take you away on a magical journey to bliss.

Strain of the Week: Sexxpot

This week's strain name is a little on the nose. Sexxpot is an indica strain that was specifically developed to help boost the female libido. As the high comes on, you'll notice both body and cerebral effects. Inhibitions are lowered, and the muscles are relaxed a bit. By now, I'm sure you see why I chose the songs I did for this playlist. If you're in the mood, grab some sexxpot, press play on our music, and go to work.