Looking to buy a new vaporizer? If you don’t have a favorite vendor, it can be difficult to sift through the options available online and in-store. The best thing you can do is research the websites you’re considering buying from. Don’t buy vaporizers online from random websites offering the cheapest deals. There are plenty of good, reputable deals online though. You just have to find the right websites. Check out our favorite picks for where to buy vaporizers online and let us know what we missed. 

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Vapor.com is a great website with tons of resources for buying vaporizers online. They offer plenty of resources, including multiple vaporizer buying guides to ensure visitors end up with the right device for them.  Beyond the great selection of vaporizer types (portable, vape pen, desktop, etc) and various brands offered, Vapor.com offers many other benefits for purchasing from them. They give free shipping for orders over $48 and include gifts with purchase on most orders.  They also have a rewards program that allows customers to earn points for future purchases. And if you’re struggling to make an investment on a nice vaporizer, they even offer a payment plan. Using Sezzle, customers can purchase their ideal vaporizer, have it shipped immediately, and then make four separate payments over time. 

Vaporizer Chief

This is another great resource for vaporizers and related items. Vaporizer Chief does a number of buying guides for different categories of vaporizers, making it even easier for online shoppers to decide what vaporizer they want to purchase.  They also break the guides down into different categories like “Best Under $100”, “Best Under $200” and “Best Cheap & Discreet.” This is extremely helpful when you’re just starting to research the right vaporizer for you. Their reviews are in-depth and extensive. Just check out how many products they’ve reviewed for their customer’s convenience.  They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and competitive prices through price-matching. On top of that, they offer purchase protection and live support 24/7. 

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For years, PuffItUp has maintained a great reputation in the vaporizer community for providing quality products with excellent customer service.  “My name is Randy and I started PIU in 2007 with the goal of providing top quality products paired with exceptional customer service. Our industry and products have changed a lot over the past decade but customer satisfaction has remained our top priority,” reads the website.  The dedication to customer satisfaction is very clear. Beyond their low-price guarantee, PuffItUp has a great deal of vaporizer information packed into the blog which is helpful for both new buyers and dedicated vaporizers alike.  The reviews for PuffItUp are mostly positive, though that may be attributed to all the reviews saying they received candy and extra goodies with their order. 

Slick Vapes

This company has tons of brands to offer and great deals to go with them. They even have a section for coupons on their website with deals for a bunch of different brands.  They’re headquartered in Southern California but are able to ship quicker to customers by shipping from the best location from their sites. These include New Jersey, Florida, Las Vegas, and Canada. They also offer unadvertised deals to their subscribers, so if you’re in the market for vapes often or just want to monitor your options, it’s a good idea to subscribe. And while they guarantee all of their items to be authentic, they will occasionally sell generic items for better deals after rigorous testing to prove they match in quality. 

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Smoke Cartel 

Smoke Cartel is another well-known name in the industry with lots to offer. They have a large selection of products at good prices. They also ship rather quickly, within 1-3 days of placing the order. But here’s the bigger deal: standard 3-5 day-shipping is free. You don’t have to hit a minimum price to qualify for free shipping.  They also have a 24/7 customer service line with a friendly staff to answer questions. Be sure to check their social media channels periodically if you are on the hunt for deals as they frequently do giveaways and freebies on there. You can sort through deals on the website as well, filtering through flash deals, sales, and items on clearance. 

King Pen Vapes

King Pen has a great variety of vaporizers available online at good prices. They do same-day shipping from placing the order and customers can expect to get their vaporizer within a few days. Plus, the shipping is free on all orders.  They also do extensive vaporizer reviews, which is especially useful for people who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for when they start shopping. They’ve got lists for the best convection vaporizers, best dab pens, best herb vaporizers, and more.  They also give customers a free gift with each order, which is always a plus for online purchases. 

How to choose a vaporizer 

There are many different types of vaporizers. It will be helpful to know what you’re going for when you start shopping so you don’t get lost in the sea of vaporizers.  Conduction vaporizers use flower or extracts on a surface that is heated electronically. The surface is brought up to temperature and then directly converts the cannabis into vapor. Conduction vapes heat cannabis quicker than others but are more likely to cause combustion than other varieties.  Convection vaporizers use hot air to heat the cannabis without making direct contact. A screen separates the cannabis from the direct source of heat and when the air is hot enough, it moves into the chamber with cannabis and converts it into vapor without directly touching it.  Decide if you want to use a conduction or convection vaporizer, as well as if you want to use concentrates or dry herbs. You can find vaporizers for either variety or even get a vaporizer that can switch between herbs and concentrates.  And then you’ll need to decide if you want a portable vaporizer to take on the go or a desktop vaporizer to stay at home.  Whatever vaporizer you end up choosing, we hope our list helps you find the perfect device for your needs.