Always be prepared. Whether you’re heading off for a hike, presenting your business plan to the boardroom, or entering a martial arts tournament on a secluded island to avenge your family, you want to bring all the tools you’ll need present and accounted for. Even if your plans are less ambitious and not at all nunchuk-based, preparation is still key. That’s why it always pays to have a well-stocked weed bag.  A well-stocked weed bag pretty much assures that when you’re out and about, there won’t be any hiccups that stand in the way of you and your friends enjoying some herb. Whether the issue is blocked glassware, a cracked piece, a torn rolling paper, or whatever else, any unforeseen circumstances that cancels your smoke sesh is a huge bummer.  That’s why WikiLeaf is here to answer the question: What should I keep in my weed bag?

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Weed Bag Essentials

gray small bag with a pocket holding a lighter and rolling papers, with a small pipe on top Any bag can be a weed bag if you want it to, though many brands sell smell-proof bags to keep your weed on lock.
Whether you’re going with a high tech weed bag or a random bag you found at the bottom of your closet, these are the must-have stoner accessories it should contain. 

Eye Drops

Don’t get caught without them. Red eye is a sure sign you’ve toked up, and hard to explain away unless it's allergy season or you just watched a sad movie. There are plenty of options to choose from for this staple of weed bags everywhere, from mentholated drops to ones specifically for contact lens wearers. If your peepers are looking a little rosy at the end of your sesh, you’ll be glad to have a bottle of eye drops.

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Nothing stops a smoke sesh harder in its tracks than packed greens and no way to cherry them up. While you could unleash your inner Bill Nye with a magnifying glass or the bottom of an aluminum can, it’s far easier to never leave home without a lighter stashed in your weed bag.


two silver grinders filled with cannabis buds about to be ground You should always grind your weed to get the most out of each bowl or joint. There are plenty of options for grinders, from your standard 4 piece to maximize kief collection, to smaller, cheaper 2 piece grinders and grinder cards. It really depends on how heavy you want your weed bag to be, and how sleek you want its profile. 

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Your Piece

Unless you prefer twisting up a J, you’ll want to carry your “piece” de resistance in your weed bag. Since you’ll be out and about, you’ll want to avoid carrying your most ornate or delicate pieces with you. Leave those at home. Instead, carry a sturdy, simple glass piece that gets the job done, and keep it in a separate bag in case it chips. You can also find plenty of small padded cases to carry your piece in that will help hide the smell, in addition to protecting your piece. If you’re looking for something more durable and lightweight, look into silicone, or one-hitter options.

Paper Clips

There’s no more classic way to clear out a blocked piece than unrolling one of these bad boys. A weed bag essential for sure.   


clear glass jars filled with cannabis nugs with gold lids Avoid ziplock baggies if you can for carrying your nugs. They won’t contain the smell, your weed will lose its flavor faster, and you’ll lose precious trichomes. Instead, try a small glass jar, a pill bottle, or a silicone jar. Your weed bag will smell less and your nugs will keep longer.  

Rolling Papers and Filter Tips

They weigh nothing and are a necessary weed bag addition even if you prefer smoking out of a glass piece. If you’re new to rolling joints, it’s still a good idea to keep some papers and filters on hand. A poorly rolled joint is still better than being bummed out by a cracked or broken piece. Or better yet, find a friend who can roll and relax while they do the work. 

Pipe Screens

They’re small, cheap, lightweight, and necessary for any well-stocked weed bag. Pipe screens regularly fall out when you tap a cashed bowl. Instead of searching the ground for an already resin-blackened screen, or risking sucking some embers through the mouthpiece, just pop in a new screen and you’re good to go. 

Weed Bag Optionals

Depending on the size of your weed bag and what you’re about, these are some options for building out your weed bag. If you’re looking to splurge, there are smell proof containers like Stashlogix specifically for carrying your weed around incognito. 

Pipe Cleaners

multi-colored pipe cleaners on a white background, including blue, yellow and orange pipe cleaners They’re not just for children’s art projects. A step up from an unfolded paper clip, a couple pipe-cleaners will clear out any blockages as well as scrub out caked on resin, giving you an easier pull of cleaner tasting smoke. 

Fragrant Spray

Whether it’s cheap perfume/body spray, or a specialized cannabis odor-neutralizing spray, it never hurts to have a little something extra in your weed bag to hide evidence.  


a small chillum pipe, a straight pipe with no carb hole, next to a bud of cannabis If joints just aren’t your thing, it never hurts to carry a back-up chillum if your main pipe is out of commission. 

Extra lighter

Like we said above, lighters love to travel. Never hurts to keep a spare around in case your main one runs out of fuel, or decides to book a trip on “Friend’s Pocket” airlines. 

Weed Bag Wrap Up   

If you’re a stoner on the go, be sure you’re prepared when you arrive by keeping your weed bag stocked. Whether you’re rolling out with a light-weight weed bag pared down to the essentials, or you prefer a decked-out weed bag for any occasion, everyone will be happy if your smoke sesh runs into trouble. Like Batman with his utility belt, a stoner with a weed bag is always ready to swoop in and save the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Supplies Do I Need to Smoke Weed?

At minimum, you’ll need your herb, a grinder, a lighter, a glass piece/papers, a pipe screen, and a paperclip in case your pipe gets blocked up. 

How Long Can You Keep Weed In a Ziplock Bag?

A couple weeks at most. Your terpenes will dry up and evaporate at room temperature in a couple days, so you’ll be losing flavor. Your trichomes will get pulled off the bud by the plastic’s static charge, so you’ll also be losing a little bit of THC. But your weed’s potency will stay pretty strong for around 2-3 weeks in a plastic bag as long as it is well cured. Your best bet is to store your weed in a glass jar out of the light. 

Does My Weed Bag Need to Be Smell Proof?

Your weed bag doesn’t need to be smell proof, but it helps. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to keep your herb in a small glass or plastic jar, and your piece in its own separate bag. That will help keep weed smells from leaking out.