Remember Kind Bud? Maybe not? Well, at one point in time, mainly back in the 1990’s, Kind Bud was all the rage. Hard to find, pricey and offered a strong, intense high the run of the mill schwag or reggie came nowhere close to.  But what was it, exactly? Was it a strain like Northern Lights or White Widow? Was it named after its growing region like Maui Wowie or Acapulco Gold?  First off, if you’ve been saying Kind Bud (like the majority of weed culture) Well… that’s wrong. Kind Bud is actually pronounced “Kine Bud” and Kine is the Hawaiian word for “excellent.”

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‘Kine’ weed typically refers to sinsemilla-style weed. Sinsemilla is a growing process in which the female buds of a marijuana plant are kept out of contact from the male flowers. Marijuana plants are dioecious plants, meaning they contain both sexes.  The male plants contain pollen sacks that fertilize the female buds, the female buds grow seeds which limits the size of the female bud’s growing potential. Sinsemilla which in Spanish means “seedless” denies the female flower the male’s pollen causing the female buds to grow large and resinous. This strain became popular in the 1970’s because of its high potency and also because it was rare to find this growing method in the United States.  Before Sinsemilla’s introduction, most marijuana was smuggled into the country from Mexico where it was grown in the wild, dried and shipped, seeds and all in bricks. Hence the term, “Mexican Brick Weed.” Dry, harsh and weak, the brick would get you high but you really had to cough to get off.  As time went on and the enthusiasm for home growing grew and evolved, the Sinsemilla process became the standard.  Over the years, Sinsemilla became known as Kine (Kind) bud. A mythical urban legend-type weed that everybody’s cousin’s cousin somehow knew a guy who had some.  Today, we live in such a refined and glorious age of cannabis cultivation. And the term Kine bud might’ve faded into colloquialism history but the process behind it remains strong and very much relevant.