In this day and age, cannabis is everywhere. It’s in foods. It’s in drinks. It’s in lotions and oils. It’s in patches and face creams. It’s available in a variety of commercial products. It makes sense – as we learn about marijuana’s benefits and versatilities, we want to add it to more and more products. And this includes products that are all about sex.

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How Cannabis Lube Works

The marijuana in lube isn’t designed to get you high; it doesn’t absorb into your bloodstream like smoking a joint or eating a pot brownie. But the topical effects are noticeable; you may feel tingly, warm, or more relaxed south of the border. You’ll feel more sensitive too, which is kind of the point.

These effects don’t kick in right away; they take about 45 minutes to an hour to fully grab hold

It’s unfortunate for people who want a quickie, but sometimes it’s necessary to put in a little more effort, and have a little more patience, if you want a more powerful outcome. Of course, the lube also doubles as massage oil, so you have something to do before each other.

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Cannabis Lube: More For Her Than For Him

Cannabis lube is quickly gaining a reputation for taking a dead on arrival sex life and returning lovers to the honeymoon phase (ya know, before peeing with the door open became a regular thing).

It’s not specifically marketed to women, but it’s more beneficial to them

The lube doesn’t seem to enhance the sexual experience for men the way it does for the ladies. cartoon lube But, that’s okay; guys already have something enhancing their experience: being conscious. Women who use cannabis lube have reported everything from more enjoyable sex lives (especially when they suffer from medical ailments that cause painful intercourse) to fifteen minute orgasms. The latter seems a bit outlandish and maybe unnecessary (we’ve got errands to run, after all), but it’s interesting, nonetheless.The Benefits of Cannabis Lube Many of the benefits of cannabis lube are self-explanatory: better sex and that’s all you really need to know. But it actually offers medical benefits too because of its focus on remedying sexual problems in women. The average pharmacy is flooded with medications that treat male sexual dysfunction (we each saw that Bob Dole Viagra commercial and we still can’t get it out of our heads), but there’s not a ton of stuff out there for the girls. Couple laying in bedThat’s where cannabis lube comes to the rescue. The THC in lube is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the vagina and acts locally on the cannabinoid receptors. It dilates the capillaries and increases blood flow (even in tiny blood vessels). This enhanced circulation adds to sensitivity and increases sensation. Each of these factors make sex more exciting. While it’s good for a good time, it’s not great in terms of protection; some lubes are made with coconut oil, which doesn’t do latex any favors (it ruins it). So, anyone hoping to avoid pregnancy will need a backup plan. And it’s not for use with a partner who has an unknown STD status, either. Get tested then get it on.

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Cannabis Lube and Men

As mentioned above, cannabis lube doesn’t have the same effect on men as women; in fact, it’s sometimes desensitizing to the male gender. Numbness isn’t ideal in regards to sex, but it can help men who have problems going the distance. And, because women enjoy it, men often find themselves enjoying it too; it’s pleasure adjacent.

It’s important to note that men who engage in oral sex with women do risk getting a high if THC lube is used

Depending on how much lube is ingested (as well as other factors), this high may vary from hardly noticeable to “Crap, I’m meeting my parents in an hour.”

Making Your Own Lube

While cannabis lube is available for purchase in legal states (and in certain shops), you don’t have to live in Washington or Oregon or the other handful of joint friendly jurisdictions to get your groove on; you can always go the do-it-yourself route (in terms of cannabis lube or sex in general). To make your own oil at home, heat a crockpot with liquid coconut oil, a cup of buds, and a tablespoon of liquid sunflower lecithin. Then stir regularly for three or four hours before you strain and store (or use right away).

Other Things Worth Mentioning

The experience with cannabis lube varies by person: one woman may have a mind-blowing orgasm filled with screams of ecstasy; another may have a so-so encounter filled with screams of “meh.” There are a few different things that dictate these variations. If you use cannabis lube on an empty stomach you might not have as potent an experience as you would if you had a large number of lipids in your blood. In other words, have dinner before the show. Eat a fatty meal and then work it off in your bedroom. Your hormones may also play a role. So, if you find that THC lube doesn’t work when you initially try it, try again during a different time of the month. The amount of stress you’re under, your menstrual cycle, and whether or not you’re tired influence how you feel as well.

And, naturally, choice in partner makes a difference

When it really comes down to the dirty, loving the lube sometimes takes a little trial and error (or you might love it at first sight).  You’ll find what works and what doesn’t and what leaves the neighbors banging on your shared wall and begging you to keep the noise down through experimentation. Oh, darn.