What is a Sploof? A Tool to Make Your Smoke Session Discreet

An easy solution to cannabis odor.

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If you live in an area where discretion is key for getting stoned, or you deal with a nosy neighbor, landlord, or some other situation where the smell of weed smoke is not well-accepted, you need a way to get rid of that weed smoke. Who better to come up with a way to secretly smoke weed than creative stoners themselves? Enter the sploof, a DIY savior for smoking in secret. You’re probably making the same face I was when I first read this article assignment. If you’re scratching your head and asking yourself “what is a sploof?” then you’re in the right place. 

What Is A Sploof?

The sploof. S-p-l-o-o-f.

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A sploof is a homemade device to exhale your hits through in an attempt to mask the smell of weed. It works surprisingly well if crafted correctly, though if it’s done wrong, you’re gonna get yourself busted.

In general, sploofs are comprised of an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll with a fabric softener attached to one end. When the smoke goes through the tube and out through the fabric softener, the smell of weed is replaced with a burst of whatever scent your fabric softener is.

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How To Make A Sploof

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The two core ingredients necessary for a sploof are a paper towel or toilet paper roll and a few dryer sheets. There are lots of variations, many of which probably come from desperation or the creative ability to use the tools at disposal. Let’s look at a couple of different methods to make a sploof:

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  1. Crumple up a few dryer sheets and shove them inside the toilet paper roll. Congrats, you made a sploof! Now exhale through the end without and dryer sheets in it and take a deep breath of that dryer-fresh air. If it didn’t seem to catch all of the smells, it’s probably because this is the method with the most room for error.
  2. For a better method with additional items, rubber band or tape another dryer sheet to the end of the tube that the smoke is coming out of. 

For this type, you’ll pull the dryer sheet over the end of the tube tightly so it resembles a filter. Then, secure it with a rubber band or tape and crumple up another dryer sheet and put it inside the tube. Now, when you exhale into this sploof, you’ll not only filter it through the crumpled dryer sheet, but the rest should go through the makeshift filter and come out smelling fresh as well.

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Other Types Of Sploofs

Alternatively, you can do a variation of these sploofs by using a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off. The same method of crumpling or attaching a dryer sheet filter will keep the smoke from smelling like smoke. 

The key concern here is preventing smoke from coming out the other end without being filtered. Attaching a dryer sheet across the end of the tube with a rubber band or paper towel is the best way to ensure that any smoke passing through the tube will smell like dryer sheets.

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And then there are the commercially-produced sploofs which probably do a better job of concealing the smell of smoke. There are lots of personal filters or devices meant for users to blow their smoke through first to prevent the smell of marijuana from escaping.

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Preventing Sploof Disasters

So, you’ve resorted to smoking through toilet paper tubes and dryer sheets. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a pretty clear indication that you’re trying to not get caught smoking weed. While smoking through a sploof will be monumental in preventing the smell from escaping, there are some more precautions to take.

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No Joints

The whole point of smoking through a sploof is to have total control over the smoke that gets released. That means lighting the weed, inhaling fully, and blowing it through the sploof. That does not mean allowing a joint to continuously burn between puffs, or trying to hold the joint through the tube to prevent any smell in between hits. Just use a different device.

Control The Smoke

Even when smoking out of a bong or pipe, you might experience some extra smoke beyond what you can hit. You can either use a one-hitter pipe or just load a single hit in each time you take a puff to make sure it gets fully burned each time. Alternatively, you can use a quarter to cover the bowl between hits and keep the smoke inside the piece.

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Change The Dryer Sheets

If you’re using the sploof a lot, don’t forget to change the dryer sheets every so often. You’ll be able to tell they need a spruce up when the scent of fresh flowers no longer emits each time you exhale, or if they begin to turn discolored.

Assemble With Care

Sometimes getting a little overzealous before a smoke session happens and trying to rush your way into it is not the way to go. Especially in a situation where you’ll be using a sploof, because the top priority is to not get caught.

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Be sure your dryer sheet filter is attached well, and test it for any potential slips or movements that could cause it to disassemble. The last thing you want is to hand off the sploof to your pal and see it crumble in their hands as smoke fills the room.

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Final Thoughts On Sploofs

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If smoking through a sploof will prevent future headaches, go ahead and save those old paper towel rolls for a rainy day. It’s cheap, easy, and gets the job done.

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If you’re in a high-stakes situation where smoking through a DIY sploof is risky, it might be worth the investment in a commercially-made filter that will keep the smoke smell out.

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