Astrology attempts to offer insight into how the astrological sign a person was born under influences their personality and the way they interact with the world around them.

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And just like every strain of weed has certain characteristics that makes it unique, the astrological sign a person was born under offers unique characteristics of its own. Depending on when you were born, there’s a strain of weed that’s perfect for your personality.


AriesAries is the first sign of the zodiac, and these fearless individuals carry a strong sense of independence. They’re natural born leaders, full of fresh, exuberant energy and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. As one of the most confident signs of the zodiac, an Aries will tell it like it is. As the baby of the zodiac, an Aries can’t stand being bored and needs to express their intense energy.

A racy sativa strain is the best choice for the high-energy independent ram. Lamb’s Bread is the perfect match for the mental stimulation Aries loves. It’s a strain that’s perfect for allowing Aries to embrace all that passionate energy and express their emotions and strong sense of self.

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TaurusTaurus is the stable, security-seeking second sign of the zodiac with a need for life to remain grounded and calm. They’re patient, organized, and will take all the time they need to get the job done properly. As a grounded earth sign, Taurus thrives in an environment where they can support others and be that constant, steady provider. They tend to get stuck in their comfort zones and habits, remaining consistent and content.

Taurus does best with a balanced hybrid, one that allows them to remain in their centered space yet brings out a bit of their more social side. Champagne Kush offers a mood-elevating euphoria perfect for socializing and engaging in heady conversations while offering a light body high that will shake them out of their comfort zone while keeping them grounded in the present moment.   


GeminiGemini is considered the most versatile and vibrant sign of the zodiac. On their good days, Geminis are fascinating, charming, adventurous, and wise. On their bad days, they can be restless, distracted, and easily depressed. Ruled by the dual sign of the twins, Geminis long for that “twin flame” type energy and could converse for hours. The twin sign of Gemini is adventurous, charming, original, and wise.

Geminis need a strain that complements their boisterous personality but also balances out the intense energy they often bring to the table. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will mellow out Geminis physically while offering mental stimulation perfect for socializing and good conversation. For those bad days, Blue Dream can offer some relief from depression and help Geminis stay focused and present.


CancerCancer is most comfortable at home, a sign that is known to be loving and nurturing…and extremely sensitive. Cancer is a natural caregiver, the zodiac sign that is happy at home taking care of family and encouraging their loved ones to connect with their feelings. Cancers are patient, loving, romantic, and nurturing. They can also be moody, isolated, and hypersensitive. While they love taking care of others, they truly love to retreat to the creature comforts of their own home.

Chem Dawg is great for Cancers, as it can lend itself to inspiring awesome conversation with the people they’re closest to. It can also sharpen the senses and lend to some seriously creative energy, whether the Crab is in their comfort zone at home or out and about with those they love. It’s also a great strain to help unwind at the end of the day when back home and comfortable in their own environment.


LeoLeos are the kings and queens of the zodiac, a sign well-known for their dramatic flair, strong personalities, and intense need for self-expression. Leos demand center stage and aren’t afraid to let their true color shine. They’re courageous, kind, and loyal, but on the flip side can be coldhearted, aggressive, and vain. Leos are natural born leaders, the proud lions of the zodiac with irresistible charm.

With their natural flair and upbeat energy, a more mellow strain to balance out the high energy they’re known for is often best for the Leo personality. Tahoe OG fits the bill for Leos looking to get high on a strain that blends seamlessly with their personality. It’s great for inciting relaxation while offering a sweet sense of euphoria with a bit of creative stimulation.


VirgoVirgo is one of the most analytical signs of the zodiac and carries a strong need for perfectionism in everything they do. They tend to be highly productive and love analyzing the sh*t out of most situations but can get caught up in every little detail. They are the virgins of the zodiac and known for their innocence and purity. They enjoy deep conversations and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Virgos are dedicated, witty, and resourceful, but can be self-destructive, negative, and uptight when their more negative traits come to surface.

Virgos will thrive with a strong sativa. Green Crack gives Virgos a great energetic high that can combat any anxious or negative thoughts they tend to have. It’s also great for making the mundane more interesting, something to make them thrive in the organized and systematic manner they’re accustomed to doing things.


LibraLibra is the most balanced sign in the zodiac. They’re fair and have a dire need for things in life to be harmonious. Libras often have a strong personality and thrive in a relationship. Libras are natural leaders, tend to be very balanced, and desire justice in life. They can also be overindulgent, lazy, prone to excess, and can get their heads stuck in the clouds. Overall, the Libra soul is known to be kind, complimentary, and extremely charming.

Skywalker is a strain that any Libra will appreciate. It’s awesome for relaxation and bringing that balance that Libras love, but also won’t leave them couch-locked and lazy. It incites an awesome sense of euphoria, and like any good hybrid offers a nice mellow buzz for a perfectly balanced high.


ScorpioScorpios are a magnetic, passionate, and extremely loyal sign. Scorpios are one of the most intimate signs, yet it takes a bit to earn their trust. They are known for their bravery and need to be in a position of authority. Scorpio needs to be in control, which can make them a bit intimidating, especially when their more negative traits rise to the surface. When this happens they can become possessive, controlling, and often judgmental. They are, however, one of the most alluring of all the signs and quite irresistible.

Lemon Haze will create a positive mindset in Scorpios that is awesome for stimulating conversations. It’s also excellent for enhancing creativity, something that is inherent in most people born under this powerful water sign. Also known for their affliction for mind-blowing physical connection, Lemon Haze is also a great strain to appreciate activities that involve body and mind, which makes having sex on this strain even more sensual, which is something a Scorpio is bound to appreciate.


SagittariusSagittarius Jim Morrison once described this sign as “the most philosophical of the bunch.” Sagittarius individuals have strong personalities and never want to stop learning, traveling, and taking it all in. It’s easy for a Sagittarius to lose touch with reality, as this sign loves to dream big. They tend to be honest, inspiring, fair-minded, dedicated and unafraid to speak their truth.

Sagittarius souls love to explore, making Alaskan Thunderfuck a perfect complement to their personality. It’s awesome for any wake and bake adventure and can enhance active pursuits like hiking and exploring new spots. This sativa-dominant hybrid won’t disappoint the Sagittarius mind, offering a strong sense of mental focus and extremely pleasing cerebral effects.


CapricornCapricorn is one of the more serious signs of the zodiac, and one that has a strong drive for success. Capricorns tend to be old souls, serious-minded even at a young age. They thrive in a highly structured environment and are often extremely focused on career. They are natural born leaders, preferring to take care of things themselves rather than be taken care of. While they’re often materialistic and can seem rather snobby, they are also one of the most generous zodiac signs and would do anything for the ones they love.

Jack Herer is one of the most popular strains in history and is great for the Capricorn who needs to let go of a bit of their serious energy, offering intense relaxation while keeping them attentive. Cappys will love that Jack Herer leaves them stimulated, while also completely in control of their actions.


AquariusThose born under the sign of Aquarius are known to be a bit quirky, highly eccentric, and one of the most forward-thinking of all other signs. They’re known to be trendsetters and thrive on synergistic connection with others. Aquarius peeps are highly communicative, logical, and original. While they can seem a bit detached and aloof, they’re also very generous and the ruler of humanitarian efforts.

A strong sativa will satisfy the Aquarian soul. Apollo 13 is perfect for Aquarius people, offering a psychedelic head high that’s totally focused and full of energy. This sativa-dominant strain is known to incite creativity and focus, perfect for the revolutionary minds of those born under this sociable sign.


PiscesPisces is the last sign of the zodiac and are said to have bits of every sign within their personality. They are the sensitive dreamers, surrounded by mysticism, compassion, imagination, and artistry. Pisces is the sign of dreaming and higher consciousness and people born under this sign are often extremely spiritual and sensitive. They can be a bit too dreamy natured, often losing touch with reality and falling into self-destructive behavior. They are, zhowever, one of the most enthralling signs of all the zodiac, touched with classic charm and captivating glamour.

Pisces are strongly connected to the spiritual realm, making Laughing Buddha an awesome strain for their deep and introspective personalities. It’s a great strain for facilitating meditation and bringing a sense of positivity to one’s present reality. It’s also excellent for fighting depression and anxiety, helping to lift Pisces out of the fog that sometimes clouds their dreams.