You ever sat down to smoke and realized you didn’t have papers; or a lighter; or you’re out of butane? Immediately your heart drops as you’re like “Wowwww, I really have to go back outside. Into the world. Again.” This is why it’s so important to keep your stash box fully stocked and locked.

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What is a stash?

A stash is your supply of cannabis products and accessories. It includes all your smokables (flower, dab, vape cartridges, etc.), as well as the tools you use in the process. The purpose of a stash is to be a one-stop-shop for all of your consumption needs. 

What makes a good stash box?

Where you keep your stash is called your stash box. Most of the cool ones are made out of wood with some sort of locking mechanism on the front. When choosing a stash box, design matters, but the most important thing to consider is size. You want it to be big enough to hold all your goodies, but small enough to be discreet and portable.

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What items should be in your stash box?

The needs of each cannabis consumer vary widely, but for the most part, each stash box features similar items. Obviously, any respectable stash box should hold your flower, concentrates, or however else you prefer to consume cannabis; these are the other accessories you’ll need to complete the cypher. 


The grinder is the MVP of all cannabis accessories bar none. Gone are the days where your fingers need to be sticky with trichomes and bud residue until you can find dishwashing soap. Instead, you can just toss your flower into a 4-piece grinder and voila, ground flower with a lil’ leftover kief for the rainy days. 

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Put your weed in jars. Seriously. It’ll keep your buds fresh and those terpenes preserved. The classic sandwich bags are cool, and the new school mylar bags are trendy, but neither compares to the airtight nature of a nice mason jar. The non-glass containers will dry out your buds, reduce their aroma and flavor, and all around diminish the effects.


The feeling of reaching down for that pack of Elements and seeing nothing but cardboard box is SICKENING. Keep a few packs of good quality papers, or fresh blunt wraps,in your stash at all times and you’ll be good to go. Once you get to the big leagues of smoking, you’ll probably start skipping packs and buying boxes.

Rolling tray 

Rolling trays are critical. Sure, you can roll your joints on books, album covers, and coffee tables; but a rolling tray signifies you take yourself seriously as a cannabis consumer. It keeps everything neat and centralized, plus you won’t have to clean up any sticky residue after the roll up.

Rolling tips 

Fam. Stop using business cards to get high. A box of 100 rolling tips only hits for like $5.


You can’t smoke if you don’t have a lighter. For the artisanal folks out there, keep the hemp wick on deck to avoid inhaling butane. One roll will last approximately 27 years.

Glass cleaner 

Glass cleaner is the single most important part of the stash next to the grinder. People don’t know that, but man, when that pipe/bong gunks up with resin and char, you really do need to clean it. And the whole salt and alcohol thing works, but for a few bucks, you can just purchase a real cleaning solution from your local head shop.

Dab rig

If you dab faithfully, invest in some high quality glass. If you don’t, you should still keep a lil’ small dab rig in your stash just in case a friend ever falls through with some fresh solventless hash. Nothing frazzles you faster than being asked “You got a dab rig?” and having to answer “Ahh, nah, *kicks into lengthy explanation to justify not having a dab rig that doesn’t change the situation of y’all not being able to taste terps in this exact moment.*”


Just like the lighters above, if you’re going to have a rainy day dab rig, you need a torch and a can of butane in your stash box too.

Carb Cap Dab Tool

Carb cap dab tool; nail dab tool; carb cap dab nail; whatever you want to call that little sword-on-one-end-banger-cover-on-the-other tool that you can get at any tobacco shop for $5 ($6 after they hit you with that ridiculous surcharge for spending less than $10 on your card), you need it.


Have some respect for your banger. Clean it up after each round. Your next dab will thank you.

510-Thread Vape Pen Charger

The last and most underrated piece of your stash box should be a 510-thread vape battery charger. If you don’t need it, I guarantee a friend will.