Do y’all hear that, too?

Puff, puff...pass?

The rookie mistake we all keep making.

Me as a parent.

Seriously man, don’t even worry about it.

Wait, remind me why we came to the supermarket again?

Seriously, where are these people just handing out free drugs?

Might need to get new friends...

I’m just takin a minute.

Gotta make it to that date and then we’re good.

What a good pup.

Need to see the hybrid pup now.

The bond with your dealer is a special one...

Genuinely supporting your dealer and hoping they are successful in everything they do.

That time my dog got higher than you did.

Still never found him though.

When talking is just too hard.

Who do I call about this disrespect??

User Error.

It’s really no wonder stoners never answer their phones.

That’s’s....ya know what never mind.

You got me there.

Oh, shit.

There is literally nothing else I can do, so.


Beware of taking edibles in a house haunted by a dog ghost.

The next Netflix Original Series

Where do they keep going??

Sensory overload.

When you thought you had a friend...

Wait, no, don’t smoke him!

Okay, lesson learned. Plug in phone BEFORE getting high.

I don’t see the problem here because this is a GREAT grad picture.

Motivational strategies.

A role model.

Never heard of it....

Always with the crazy new ideas!!

*lights up in mom’s living room*

So in love.

Get tf outta here!

I swear this is normal.

You may now take out your favorite show to binge and pint of Cherry Garcia.

Not sure if this counts as a costume but…

Nothing is stopping you! Except for everything.

Sorry, mustard, I think it’s a little different.

I am terrified to do this.

That’s...a good point.

A love story for the ages.

At least the TV was actually on this time…

Oh, Raven. You should have known it was a lost cause.