How to Make a Water Bottle Bong & Gravity Bong

Learn how to create your very own DIY bong.

Water bottles and bongs Source: Wikileaf

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have. Sometimes this means getting creative with household supplies to support your desire to smoke weed, right now. 

When you don’t have the proper paraphernalia but you do have the drive to DIY it, a water bottle bong is an easy alternative. 

If you happen to have a bowl and down stem on hand, you’re ahead of the game. If not, there are alternatives you can resort to if you must, like using a socket from the hardware store (like this) as a bowl or, as a short-term fix only, using aluminum foil to create a bowl. 

If you don’t have a down stem, you can use a cheap pen you don’t mind hollowing out and parting ways with. Depending on the pen, you’ll probably need scissors or pliers to properly hollow it out, and this could mean an explosion of ink so it’s probably best to do this part over the garbage can. 

Materials You’ll Need:

materials for a water bong

  • One water or soda bottle
  • Bowl (see alternatives above)
  • Down stem (see alternatives above)
  • Glue, tape, or silly putty
  • Needle or sharp object to poke a small hole

Assembling the Water Bottle Bong

A standard 16.9 fluid ounce water bottle will work perfectly for this, though you can use various sizes or even a juice or soda bottle. Just be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse the bottle out so it won’t have a sugary residue if it contained anything but water. 

1. Prepare the bottle 

You won’t need the cap, so go ahead and toss it. Now you’ll need to poke a hole a little lower than halfway down the bottle using a needle or alternative. Once you’ve poked a tiny hole, you can get in there with scissors or a pen and open it up just big enough to put your down stem in. Don’t make this hole too big. 

You can poke another hole closer to the top of the bottle to serve as a carb.  

2. Attach the down stem and bowl

Water bottle bong

Attach your down stem and bowl to each other for easy installation into the water bottle. 

If you’re using alternatives, you’ll want to use the small end of a socket to attach to the hollowed out pen and the larger side will serve as the bowl. 

Once you’ve attached the down stem to the bowl, you will need to attach both units to the water bottle through the lower hole. You want to make sure it stays sealed tight, so use tape, putty, glue, whatever will do the trick to keep the down stem secure.

Of course, something like super glue is not a good idea to use on an actual down stem. If you’re planning to reuse your pieces, something like putty or tape is the way to go. 

3. Add water

Now you can fill the bottom of your water bottle with water, just to the point where the end of your down stem is submerged. 

4. Fill with bud and enjoy 

You’ve finished the assembly, and now you can add your bud to the bowl and light up as you would with any bong. 

How to Make a Water Bottle Gravity Bong

You can also level up your bottle-bong making skills and whip out the gravity bong. This is especially useful in situations where you want to bring on the party because it’s going to be more intense than a water bottle bong. 

Materials You’ll Need:

  • One standard-size water bottle 
  • One two-liter soda bottle 
  • Scissors or sharp tool to cut plastic
  • Drill or poking device
  • Down stem and bowl (or alternatives)

1. Chop the bottles

where to cut the bottom of a water bottle bong

You’ll need to chop the bottom off of your smaller bottle and discard the plastic.

You’ll also cut the bottom off of the larger soda bottle, but you’ll be keeping the bottom piece of that and discarding the rest. 

2. Remove and drill a hole through the cap 

Make a hole through the cap of the smaller water bottle big enough to fit a down stem. 

3. Assemble the stem and bowl 

While the cap is still detached, attach your stem and bowl and place them in the hole you just created. Once they’re secure, set them aside. 

4. Add water and load your bowl 

You’re almost there. Fill the 2-liter bottle with water and set aside. Now take the cap you’ve set aside and load the bowl with your weed. Set this aside close by. 

5. Submerge the bottle and enjoy

submerging water bottle to finish a water bottle bong

Now you can submerge your smaller water bottle into the bigger bottom, while careful to stop just before the neck and cap are submerged. Once you’ve reached this point you can screw the cap back on. 

Now light the weed and slowly pull the smaller bottle up while it fills with smoke. Once the bottle is full of smoke, unscrew the cap and inhale over the opening. 

Final Thoughts On Water Bottle Bongs 

Both the water bottle bong and the water bottle gravity bong are good alternatives to standard weed-smoking devices. Gravity bongs are sure to get you higher than a typical water bottle bong when done correctly, so plan accordingly. 

Classic bongs and other paraphernalia are superior to homemade plastic stuff and should be used long term. If you find yourself assembling DIY bongs and pipes on the regular, it may be a good time to invest in a glass piece. If not for your own convenience, but for your health. 

In the meantime, a water bottle bong will serve as a good alternative. It may take a bit of trial and error before you nail it, but that’s what DIY is all about, right?

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