Back in April, I tried the Volcano Digit and coined it the best vaporizer I’ve ever used. With the release of the Volcano Hybrid, the newest Storz and Bickel device referred to as the “reinvention of an icon”, I can confidently say it only gets better from here. With a whopping price tag of $699, the Volcano Hybrid is pricey but worth it. Here's everything you get with the Hybrid that makes it better:

  • The choice between smoking out of a balloon or a tube
  • Integrated touch-screen buttons
  • Improved double helix heat exchanger, allowing for heat-up within 40 seconds
  • Temperature control on from your phone

Volcano Hybrid Build Quality 5/5

The Volcano Hybrid is unsurprisingly extremely heavy-duty, like its previous counterparts. It has the same size and dimensions as the Classic, though it weighs slightly more. It still runs off a power cord, though the Hybrid’s cord is removable, unlike the Classic.

The major difference here is that it comes with a tube kit as well as a valve balloon, allowing users to choose between filling a balloon with vapor or just vaporizing it straight through the tube. I am a huge fan of being able to use the tube as opposed to the balloon, and with the option of either, would probably opt for the tube every time. And this is coming from someone who really, really likes the balloon system. The tube is long enough to easily share with others and is soft and bendy with a comfortable mouthpiece.

Look and Design 5/5

They switched out all the dials and buttons in favor of a sleek touch display. Overall, it looks almost identical to the Classic but with a bit more of a modern twist. I’m glad they didn’t make any major changes to the look, though. The touch display is simple, easy to use, and remains elegant in line with the whole device. However, the most underrated part of the design comes with the tube attachment. If you're hosting a group sesh, the tube is easy to use as it swivels 360 degrees at the point where it connects to the bowl, making it easy to pass around.

Hit/High Experience 10/10

I used CBD flower and found the Hybrid to be an amazing delivery method. Nothing has changed with the balloon system, so I just used the tube kit for testing out the hit experience. It was great. The vapor comes out extremely soft and smooth, just as it does with the balloon. There is no harshness whatsoever, and I tried a range of temperatures from 105 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit which all provided a smooth hit with varying amounts of vapor. I am a big fan of the tube and like how bendy it is. It’s sleek and feels very natural to use.

Maintenance 4.5/5

The Hybrid is easy to care for, with easily removable pieces and not a lot of setup. It’s easy to disassemble and reassemble the parts for effective cleaning. It also comes with a set of replacement air filters which makes keeping it clean even easier. While convenient, my biggest concern is that the maintenance-free tube is suggested to be replaced every two weeks for hygienic purposes. Along with the balloons, using this device frequently could lead to a lot of waste. And even if you aren't concerned about the environment, you might be concerned about your wallet, since a new tube set will run you $24.90, and a three-pack of tubes and mouthpieces will cost you 34.90.

Conclusion 4.9/5

I would absolutely recommend the Volcano Hybrid to a friend seeking a desktop vaporizer. I would recommend the Hybrid over the Classic because of the sleek digital screen, ease of use, and comfortable tube kit. Plus, it has a smartphone app that will undoubtedly draw some to use it for its user experience. Overall, the Volcano Hybrid is a tough vaporizer that lives up to its name. Storz and Bickel did not disappoint with their latest edition.