Today we know more about cannabis than ever. From various strains that offer different effects to their terpene profiles and physical and mental effects, cannabis has come a long way. With all we now know about weed, customizing your high has never been easier. Want to relax? There’s a strain for that. Looking for anxiety relief? Terpenes myrcene and linalool will help. Did you know, however, there’s another way to get the high you desire? Controlling the temperature on your vaporizer is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to control your high. 

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How Vaporizer Temperature Control Allows You to Customize Your High

The compounds in cannabis are activated at different temperatures. Think of vaporizer temperature control as controlling the effects you want to feel. THC, for example, is released when heated to 315℉. CBD must be heated to 356℉ before it is released.

Low temperature vaping gives you a lighter high The chemical compounds aren’t the only thing affected by the temperature cannabis is heated to. Terpenes are also released at different temperatures. Pinene (a terpene that makes you feel alert) is released at lower temperatures, while linalool (a terpene known for its relaxing effects) is released at higher temperatures.

Vaping your weed at lower temperatures provides subtle effects. Think slight head change, mellow effects that allow you to focus and get things done. Want to ramp up your high? Vaping at higher temperatures will amplify the effects you feel. Think a more intense high, heavy relaxation, and increased feelings of euphoria.

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Customizing your high via vaporizer temperature is a great way to get your high on depending on your mood or what you need to get done. Control your experience and cannabis consumption becomes an entirely new experience.

Low-Temperature Vaporizing

Want to customize your high to get just a little elevated without knocking yourself on your ass? Low-temperature vaporizing is your best bet. Setting your vape to lower temperature will get you lifted and inspired to do whatever it is you need to get done. Vaping at a low temperature is perfect for a daytime high when you need to be productive and are looking for an added boost of energy.

Setting the temperature on your vaporizer between 300-330℉ will offer a clear-headed “high” with increased focus and an elevated mood. Because the boiling point of THC is 315℉, you’ll only feel subtle effects. And Depending on the profile of the strain you’re smoking, the terpene pinene (which promotes alertness) is released at 311℉, which can add to the uplifting effects you feel.

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If you’re looking for a good daytime buzz, strains high in pinene include the famous Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, and OG Kush are all excellent choices. Anyone new to cannabis will also appreciate a low-temperature vape setting for the mild and functional effects it elicits.

Medium-Temperature Vaporizing

Activate your myrcene at these temperaturesWhen you begin to increase the heat on your vaporizer, the effects you feel will also begin to increase. If you still want to function yet feel euphoric and even a bit giddy when you do so, setting your vape to a medium temperature will release various terpenes and higher amounts of THC. Your high will definitely be more intense, but you’ll still be able to completely function.

A good mid-range temperature setting is between 330-370℉. Temperatures in this range will most likely give you the psychoactive effects THC is famous for. At 334℉, the terpene myrcene is activated. Believed to be one of the most abundant (and possibly beneficial) terpenes in cannabis, myrcene is excellent for pain relief and also acts as a mild sedative.

At 349℉, the terpene limonene is activated. This citrusy, aromatic terpene is known to elevate mood and reduce stress, while also increasing attention span and focus. Super Lemon Haze, landrace strain Durban Poison, and Jack Herer are all strains high in limonene that are perfect for that mid-temp high that offers a focused, yet heady buzz to take you through the day.

A medium temperature setting is like that sweet spot where you’re inspired to get done what you need to do but with a noticeable head change. While it might be a bit much for newbies, a mid-range temp is great for those who consume cannabis on the reg.

High-Temperature Vaporizing

The higher you set the temperature on your vaporizer, the higher you’re going to get. For those looking for the full effects of whatever strain they’re smoking, high-temperature vaporization is the way to go. Setting your vaporizer to its highest settings will offer intense feelings of euphoria, sound sleep, intense relaxation, and increased pain relief.

High-temperature settings are between 370-430℉. Temperatures this high ensure you’re getting the benefits of all cannabinoids present in the strain. THCv is activated at 428℉, a cannabinoid that works to reduce panic attacks and suppress appetite. At 338℉, the terpene linalool is released, a terpene that is known for reducing anxiety and combat depression.

High temperature vaping is recommended for nighttime use, or for days when you want to kick back and relax. If you’re looking to really feel the effects of a strain, vaping it at a high temperature will offer it quickly. Taking 2-3 draws on the vaporizer at temperatures this high is usually good, even for experienced users. If you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep, Skywalker or Grand Daddy Purple vaped at a high temperature before bed will likely knock you out and help you get the sleep you need.