Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gifts

Give the gift of cannabis for Valentine's Day this year

Ah, Valentine’s Day – VD for short! Not everyone celebrates it. Some of us view February 14th as just another day – it comes and goes every year without much fanfare. Others take the holiday seriously: they perfect their romantic gestures, they walk the halls of Hallmark, they make reservations at the nicest restaurant in town, and they call on Cupid to play matchmaker.

If you’re single, you probably belong in the former category – Valentine’s Day is little more than an annoyance. But, when you’re dating or married, whether or not you personally celebrate Valentine’s Day is probably irrelevant: if your partner celebrates it, guess what? You do too!

And this means presents aren’t so much optional as they are expected.

If your significant other happens to enjoy cannabis, your gift choices broaden, allowing you to get creative. So, what do you get the cannabis lover in your life?

Gifts for your Cannabis Lover

Chocolate edibles

Cannabis chocolates are a great giftChocolate is so synonymous with this holiday that one would think St. Valentine and Milton Hershey were somehow in cahoots. While the traditional gifts come in the form of giant kisses or Russel Stovers, chocolate edibles are more fun. Life might be like a box of chocolates, but at least this way you sort of know what you’re going to get. You’re going to get high.

A weed bouquet

A bouquet made up of pot isn’t available everywhere, but if these are available near you, they make one heck of a unique gift for the marijuana maven. They’re not as visually attractive as a dozen red long-stemmed roses, but they keep on giving in many, many other ways.

Cannabis lube

According to their site, “FORIA products bring to your fingertips the power of ancient plant medicines to activate deep healing and unlock profound pleasures. Hand-crafted from medicinal plants known for their aphrodisiac and analgesic benefits using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity.” What does this mean? Woohoo!

FORIA isn’t the only cannabis lube out there, but it’s one of the better known (you can even make your own if you want). Worth noting, however, is that this type of lube is designed more for her pleasure than his. Some report that it desensitizes men, which isn’t a bad thing for those hoping to last longer. Thinking about baseball never works, anyway.

A homecooked meal

Sure, homecooked meals are nothing new – people have been courting each other with these since the days of hunting and gathering. But homecooked meals that involve cannabis-infused food? This isn’t your mom’s Rice-a-Roni! While cannabis can fun up any meal, the standard rules of romance still apply. In other words, stay away from cooking meals that are heavy on the beans or heavy on the garlic. The latter is especially important for anyone dating a vampire.

A weekend getaway to a legal state

If you don’t live in one of the handful of recreational legal states, consider hopping in the car or boarding a plane and making a run into the arms of Mary Jane. Your best bet is to stick to the West Coast, Colorado, and Nevada. Though some states have legalized on the East Coast, they’re still cutting through the red tape. A romantic getaway to Aspen or Seattle is an awesome chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But don’t expect to stock up and bring gifts back to the motherland.

You can’t take marijuana on an airplane (even though many people do without getting caught, thus bringing new meaning to the term “red eye”) and you can’t drive it across state lines. TSA has admitted that they don’t really care that much – they’re concerned about safety, not smoking. But states that neighbor legal jurisdictions – particularly Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming – are notorious for stopping the cars leaving Colorado.

Strains that enhance sex

Pot can give to sex and it can taketh away – while a sativa may improve your sex life, an overly heavy indica can knock you out, leaving your loved one to begrudgingly turn towards Cinemax as you snore. Picking the right strains, on the other hand, can leave you with a night of passion. Some of the strains best known to enhance sex include Blue Cheese (an indica with some sativa like effects), Trainwreck, and Skywalker.  If you use the latter, just don’t make any jokes about being anyone’s father. That’ll probably kill the moment.

Time together, imbibing

They say the most important thing you can give someone is your time (when, clearly, it’s really your money) and this may be true in a relationship as well. Spending time together is how a union grows and flourishes. Bringing Mary Jane along as a third wheel? Well, that just ups the laughs. Spend the evening watching movies, playing video games, or doing nothing at all. Smoke, joke, and see where the night takes you.

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