Need a quick-fix to make sure you pass an upcoming drug test? Depending on the specifics, you may still have a fighting chance.  Unsupervised drug tests for employment are usually urine tests. For certain jobs, you may take a mouth swab test instead. Mouth swabs are fairly easy to pass if you know about them ahead of time.  However, if you’re trying to figure out how to pass a drug test when you know you have THC in your system, it’s most likely a urine test. And if it’s not a supervised test, you’re probably in an okay position. 

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Use a detox drink 

Detox drinks are not a way to guarantee you’ll pass, but they can surely increase your chances. Of course, this depends on the type of detox you use and how much THC is already present in your system.  An effective detox drink will flush toxins out of the body. This includes THC metabolites. THC gets flushed out of the bladder and urinary tract for a period of time, but not fully eliminated from the body. This allows users a small window of time to take a test and potentially pass.  To pass an unsupervised drug test using a detox drink, just follow the exact instructions on the product. Most will tell you to drink the detox drink and a bunch of water leading up to the test, but it’s important to follow the individual product’s guidelines for the best results.  It’s crucial to select a good detox drink if you want to increase your chances of passing. This may involve some research for your specific situation. Luckily, some companies make several detox products for specific uses.

Bring your own “urine”

You can purchase urine substitutes that are meant to help you pass a drug test or just ask a drug-free pal to donate some urine.  Bringing in someone else’s urine may be the safer bet if you can find a friend who both is drug-free and willing to give you a donation. This is because real urine will set off no red flags for being fake if properly stored.  If you choose to bring synthetic urine, you risk the facility recognizing that it is not real. However, there are plenty of products out there that rave about their results, so it’s up to you.  Typically when people go this route, they fill an easy-to-transport container with either synthetic or a pal’s urine. There are devices available to accomplish this, or you can just put it the liquid in a condom (poke a hole in it to “pee”) and hope for the best when secretly bringing it into the facility.  If you use this method, the most important thing is to keep the sample at the right temperature. Testing facilities will check that the urine is not mysteriously cold or tampered with. If the temperature is too low, you may have to retest in a supervised setting. Many people choose to store it with hand warmers to avoid this. In an unsupervised drug test, this shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off. Still, there are plenty of places to make a mistake. Make sure you store the liquid in a safe, warm place and bring a small, sharp device (a safety pin or the like) to poke a hole for release. 

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Final thoughts 

The best way to pass a drug test is to not have drugs in your system. If it’s too late for that, these methods may be able to help.  Remember that there a chance you’ll get caught if you bring in synthetic or substitute urine. Some detox drinks can cause too much dilution in the urine, so be sure you’re selecting a quality drink if you don’t want to raise suspicion.  If you have enough time, stop consuming right now and let your body naturally detox before a drug test. If you don’t have enough time, you may not be out of luck!