If you step into the world of water pipes, you’ll see that the internet is flooded with products. Some bongs are super expensive, some are super cheap. Some bongs are marketed for their durability, others are marketed around their design. With so many options, shopping for a piece can be pretty overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with brands, and that’s why it’s best to go with a company that has an excellent reputation for making high quality glass. For this, many consumers turn to Tsunami Glass.

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What is Tsunami Glass?

Tsunami Glass is a line of glass bongs and dab rigs from Tsunami Vaporizers. Originally, they were in the tobacco vapes and e-cigarettes game; but in 2011 they jumped into the glass market. Since they’ve also moved into the hemp CBD game.

How is it Different from Other Types of Glass? 

Essentially, what makes Tsunami's products unique from their competitors is the type of glass they’re made from, and their various systems of percolators.   Tsunami Glass products are made out of borosilicate glass, which is extremely durable in terms of thermal shock resistance. Basically, Tsunami can handle a rapid increase in temperature without cracking. This is why companies like Pyrex and Duran’s products are made of it. Percolators are the glass filters in your bong that help cool the smoke before you inhale it. They filter the smoke through the water, which makes an oh so refreshing snap of the smokeski. In addition to a cooling effect, the filtering system of percs help you get higher off less smoke, which ultimately won’t matter much because you’ll probably roast the entire bowl in one session like the beautiful strong-lunged stoner you are. For more information on their various percolators, peep the Tsunami Glass Tsunami Glass website. Lastly, what makes Tsunami Glass special is that the pieces are affordable. No matter where your pockets are, you can probably find something well within your budget. Most pieces hit for around a hundo, but even the fanciest schmanciest bongs and dab rigs only hit for a couple hundred. Considering that some companies will try to push $300-$400 glass in your face, that’s an absolute bargain for a high quality product you know will last a while.

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How do you Use it? 

You use a Tsunami Glass bong the same way you use any bong. All you need is weed, fire, and lips. The glass does the rest. Here’s the order of operation:

  • Step 1: have weed
  • Step 2: grind weed
  • Step 3: put weed in tsunami bowl
  • Step 4: put lips to tsunami mouthpiece
  • Step 5: put fire to weed and suck mouthpiece
  • Step 6: milk up the bong with smoke
  • Step 7: pull bowl and inhale smoke
  • Step 8: get high, be free

For dabs rigs, the steps are:

  • Step 1: have dabs
  • Step 2: heat the banger with a torch or e-nail
  • Step 3: wait for it to reach an optimal temperature
  • Step 4: drop dab into the banger and suck mouthpiece
  • Step 5: toss a carb cap onto your banger while sucking mouthpiece
  • Step 6: pull carb cap and inhale smoke
  • Step 7: get high, be free

How do you Maintain it?

Your bongs and dab rigs are going to get dirty regardless of who makes the glass. That’s the nature of smoking sticky good weed that’ll coat your piece with plant resin and recoil. It’s important to maintain a clean piece to really be able to taste the terps in your flower and concentrates. To clean a tsunami glass bong or dab rig, you use the exact same method as any other glass piece: salt + isopropyl alcohol, or buy a cleaning solution like Formula 420’s original cleaner and Soak ‘N Rinse products. I personally prefer Formula 420 to salt and alcohol, but both solutions will get the job done. To clean your glass, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: have glass bong/dab rig
  • Step 2: pour cleaning solution into piece
  • Step 3: plug the holes in your piece
  • Step 4: shake piece until resin, reclaim, etc begins to fall from the walls
  • Step 5: pour cleaning solution out once piece is completely clean
  • Step 6: rinse water through the glass to remove any solution residue
  • Step 7: let piece dry
  • Step 8: immediately dirty the piece again with a fresh bowl or dab

All in all, when it comes to buying bongs, there aren’t many better options than some high quality Tsunami Glass pieces. They’re durable, and above all else, the prices are just way too good to overlook. You can purchase Tsunami Glass from online head shops like High Rollers Smoke, or in person at retail head shops like the one around the corner from your couch. Just look for that golden wave.