With the rise of social media marketing, “influencers” have become important tools for trendsetting in nearly every industry — and the cannabis scene is no exception.  For those of you not in the loop, an influencer is a broad term that simply describes anyone on social media with a large following that has the ability to “influence” trends. While many brands turn to these public figures for advertising purposes, everyday people also look to them for inspiration, guidance, and entertainment. In the cannabis arena, influencers range from iconic cannabis chefs and TV hosts to experienced growers and dabbing grandmas. With such a dynamic landscape, it can be difficult to sort through the noise and find out who truly deserves your attention.

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Cannabis Influencer Leaderboard

We all have our favorite influencers, but here is the list of the undisputed champs when looking at overall follower count. Want to see who reigns supreme on each platform? Click on the table headers to sort.

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Our Top 20 Influencer Picks

The following are our picks for the top cannabis influencers who inspire us and are shaping the cannabis community as a whole.

1. Happy Tokes

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Miranda of Happy Tokes encourages her fanbase to create their own happy, stay educated, and break the stigma of cannabis use. Happy Tokes is the perfect blend of education and positivity with a warm welcoming attitude. 

2. Marcus Bubbleman

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A post shared by Bubble Man (@bcbubbleman) on Sep 18, 2020 at 1:47pm PDT

For over 20 years, Marcus Bubbleman has been sharing his knowledge of water extraction to his legion of fans. Offering tips, tricks, and all the information you need to make your own water extraction, Marcus Bubbleman has solidified his spot as a top cannabis influencer.

3. Laganja Estranja

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With a name like Langanja Estranja, you know you’re in for a treat. Otherwise known as Jay Jackson, Laganja Estranja is a female illusionist, choreographer, and queer cannabis advocate. Their online presence is unapologetically bold, endlessly entertaining, and always highly medicated. 

4. Lizzy Jeff

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Lizzy Jeff wears many hats but is perhaps best known for her social media prowess and her cannabis-friendly Zen and Kush events. Lizzy Jeff is all about promoting spiritual wellness, community healing, and spreading high vibes. 

5. Mr. Canucks Grow

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A post shared by Matt (@mr.canucksgrow) on Mar 11, 2019 at 2:05pm PDT

With an Instagram feed filled with enviable buds, it is no surprise that cannabis fans flock to Matt of Mr. Canucks Grow. His weekly educational videos and handy grow tips, give his followers some much-needed insider information on how to achieve their very own desirable grow op. 

6. Jeff the 420 Chef

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With the goal to reimagine cannabis consumption, Jeff the 420 Chef has been cooking up infused meals long before it was cool. The experienced cannachef is also a published author, TV personality, and THC infusion aficionado. 

7. Krishna Andavolu  

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As the host and executive producer of Viceland’s Weediquette, it is no wonder that Krishna Andavolu has a horde of adoring fans. Four years after its first air date, Weediqutte and Andavolu continue to break ground and shine a light on a different side of cannabis. 

8. Mary Pryor

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A post shared by Mary Pryor (@msmarypryor) on Sep 11, 2020 at 5:49pm PDT

Over the years, Mary Pryor has made an everlasting impact on the cannabis industry in her fight for inclusion. As the co-founder of Cannaclusive, Mary Pryor has been vigilant in her fight against rampant discrimination and flat-out racism both in the cannabis arena and in our everyday lives. 

9. Monica Lo

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Founder of popular food blog Sous Weed, Monica Lo has an ever-growing fan base of foodies and pot-lovers alike. Her background as a food stylist and photographer gives her work an air of simplicity and modernity, while always paying tribute to our favorite herbal enhancement (we’re talking about weed). 

10. Nadir Pearson

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Cannabis activist Nadir Pearson is also an entrepreneur with an impressive social media following. His vast experience in the cannabis industry makes him approachable to all demographics but especially the younger generation that is inspired by Pearson’s success — he has even gone on to found the Student Marijuana Alliance for Research and Transparency. 

11. Nesha Torres

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A post shared by Nesha Torres (@neshatorres) on May 19, 2020 at 5:49pm PDT

Many people know Nesha Torres as a travel and lifestyle influencer with an unabashed love for cannabis. As a photographer, she not only creates engaging content for her personal profile but also runs a weed-focused media company, That’s Dope Content. 

12. Steve DeAngelo

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The man, the myth, the legend, Steve DeAngelo continues to make waves both online and offline. The self-proclaimed “Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry”, Steve DeAngelo is one of the original advocates for legalization and is the founder of The Last Prisoner Project, which seeks to repair the past and current harms of the criminalization of cannabis.

13. Stolbie Sisters

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This sister duo is in love with cannabis and not afraid to show it. The Stolbie Sisters are part of several brands out of Vancouver, Canada including “The High-End Dinner”, which aims to bring an elevated dining experience to intimate gatherings. Their bright personalities and witchy vibes make them an unstoppable force in cannabis. 

14. Trippy Treez

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With over 200,000 followers, cannabis brands all over the world look to Trippy Treez for her wide appeal in the industry. As both a model and writer, Trippy Treez has a hold on the cannabis world that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. 

15. Vanessa Lavorato

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Chocolatier and host of Viceland’s “Bong Appetit”, Vanessa Lavorato has a dedicated horde of weed hungry followers. Her chill disposition and wealth of knowledge make her a fan favorite amongst edible lovers everywhere.

16. The Dank Duchess 

The Dank Duchess holding a weed leaf Source: @thedankduchess
With years of experience under her belt, The Dank Duchess has earned her spot amongst the top cannabis influencers. As the managing editor for Skunk Magazine, public speaker, educator, and all-around badass, The Duchess gives new meaning to the productive stoner. 

17. The Herb Somm

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Carving her own lane in the cannabis culinary world, 420 lovers around the globe flock to The Herb Somm for all the latest gourmet tips. Specializing in wine, The Herb Somm aka Jamie Evans is well known for treating cannabis cultivars like a sommelier does wine. Her expertise has made her an influencer in all things tasty and cannabis filled. 

18. BC Bud Gal

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A post shared by Celeste ☾ (@bcbudgal_) on Apr 29, 2020 at 8:50am PDT

Otherwise known as Celeste, BC Bud Gal works to break down the cannabis stigma in Canada, while simultaneously paying homage to her Native roots. You can usually find her exploring nature, standing up for equal rights, and sparking up the green.

19. Eduardo Whittington

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Creative director, photographer, and co-founder of Lobo Cannagar, Eduardo Whittington is quickly making a name for himself in the cannabis industry. Lobo’s signature cannagars are high-quality and flavorful while his online presence is thoughtful and curated with an artful eye. 

20. Dorota916

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While she might not be at the top of everyone's radar, Dorota916 has positioned her name behind some pretty great causes, from a Lebanon emergency relief fund to BLM support funds. Also, her selfies are so nicely composed!