Even if you’re familiar with the world of dabbing — or consuming concentrated forms of cannabis like live resin, shatter, wax, budder, etc. — you might find the traditional rig setup a bit overwhelming. There’s the issue of adding enough water, heating the banger or e-nail and handling a blowtorch. That doesn’t even take into account the supplies you’ll need, including a glass dab rig, dab tool, dab containers, and more. 

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Enter stage right e-rigs, devices that accomplish the same task as a normal rig set-up, but in a more straightforward fashion and with less risk of burning. Most standalone e-rigs include the banger, mouthpiece, e-nail, water chamber, and power. E-rigs work by electronically heating a chamber or nail to a preset temperature, and are much more portable than the standard set up. They frequently charge up with USB cables, have long-lasting batteries (depending on how frequently you consume), and they can deliver a consistent dabbing experience. 

There are many e-rig options for consumers to choose from, but let us help you find what you’re looking for. When thinking about what to include on this list, we considered e-rig product qualities like durability, consistency, capability, and features, as well as its ability to deliver flavorful, potent, and smooth hits. Let’s take a look at the top 5 e-rigs.

Puffco Peak Smart Rig

The Puffco Peak comes out in the top-five pretty much every year, and there are plenty of reasons for that. It is certainly the most popular option on the market.

  • Heats up in around 20 seconds in four different heat settings
  • Batteries charge fully in less than two hours
  • Rig is comprised of two parts - the borosilicate glass bubbler and silicone base - making it easy to clean and safe to move
  • Haptic feedback and vibration technology
  • LED light band

Retail cost: $299.99

Included with the Puffco Peak is a carrying case, loading tool, USB cable and supercharger, cleaning swabs, and tether. Retailing for about $300.00, it may be a little on the pricey side but definitely worth it for its quality, durability, and consistent and smooth experience.

High Five Duo

This is, by far, the preferred e-rig around the Wikileaf offices. If you’re into low-temp dabs for concentrates like rosin and live resin, this is the way to go. Few of the other rigs on this list go below 400℉, and some don’t dip below 450℉. Rosin and live resin tend to thrive right between the 360-400℉ mark, so the High Five Duo is going to give you flavor where other rigs are going to burn your concentrates. That’s not to say it’s only for low-temps, the Duo can do it all, going up to 650℉. It’s also one of the few on this list that lets you set an exact temperature (within 10-degree increments), so you can dial it in just right. Most e-rigs have preset temperatures restricted to a few options. 

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Oh, and did we mention it is compatible with the Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro mouthpieces? Color-changing lights with 11 options, the ability to operate while charging (yet another feature many e-rigs lack), a quartz carb cap (that can attach to the unit magnetically) and one of the easiest user experiences in dab rigs make it our favorite. We can’t speak highly enough of the High Five Duo.

  • Heats up in about 10 seconds
  • Quartz banger, numerous other banger materials available
  • Wide temperature range with precision settings
  • Haptic feedback
  • Sturdy base any parts

Retail cost: $250

The High Five Duo comes fully stocked with a case, carb cap, dab tool, a hex tool for repairs, a quartz bowl, a titanium bowl, a USB-C charging cable, a borosilicate mouthpiece and a 3-year warranty on the base (3-months for the atomizer, which is easily replaced). All you're missing is some concentrate.

QOMO Dab Rig

For those who are more budget-minded, want an e-rig to take on-the-go, or looking to dip their toes into dabbing without dropping a lot of dough, take a look at QOMO, retailing for around $90. Even though the price is small(er), you’ll still get the full concentrate experience thanks to the ceramic atomizer. The QOMO has: 

  • Ceramic bucket chamber
  • Built-in dab tool in the carb cap
  • Three temperature settings
  • 10-second preheat time
  • 1350mAh lithium-polymer battery capacity

Retail cost: $89.99

It also includes a USB cable charger, one O-ring, a user manual, and gift box.

Core Dab Rig

Though not as budget-friendly as the QOMO, the Core sells at a middle-of-the-road price for a very solid e-rig. Reviews of the Core boast its excellent water filtration and coil atomizer to help release potent terpenes, as well as chunky vapors. Here’s what to expect with the Core:

  • Four temperature settings
  • Manual heating and preheat function
  • Titanium and Quartz buckets 
  • Triple titanium coil
  • 30000mah battery

Retail cost: $199.99

The Core comes with lots of bells and whistles, including O-rings, loading tool, glass water bubbler and glass carb cap, titanium, quartz, and black ceramic coils, a USB charger, alcohol wipes and swabs for cleaning, and a silicone storage container. That’s a lot of goodies for $199.99.

Puffco Proxy

The newest offering from Puffco takes the innards of an e-rig and fits them into a pipe-styled ergonomic design, able to handle both concentrates and flower. Ideal for on the go, this Sherlock Holmes-looking piece offers the nostalgia of pipe smoking brought into the modern cannabis landscape. The modular heating element fits into a wide range of glass designs, so you can customize it to your style and liking. It’s the most innovative on this list, and represents the forefront of e-rig tech. Also, it just looks really cool.

  • 3D chamber technology with ceramic bowl
  • Glazed ceramic bowl for easy cleaning
  • Easily portable
  • Flower or Concentrate options
  • 4 Heat settings

Retail cost: $299.99

The Proxy kit includes a carrying case, cable, two types of loading tools, a charging cable and the base, glass and chamber. 

Ares Plus Dab Rig

Are you looking for something ultra-portable and relatively affordable? May we suggest the Ares Plus Dab Rig, a 6-inch e-rig made of zinc alloy metal with an ultra quick heat up time? If used as recommended, battery life can go as long as 60 sessions. It comes with:

  • Detachable mouthpiece of platinum-cured silicone (for easy cleaning)
  • Ultra-thin quartz chip for instant heating
  • Coilless quartz atomizer cups
  • Borosilicate glass filtration base
  • Honeycomb percolator
  • Two voltage settings

Retail cost: $189.98

The Ares includes a dabber tool, cleaning brush and swabs for cleaning, a USB charging cable, a wax carb cap, and a belt. While it may not have as much versatility as the others on this list, its portability and nearly instant heating could make up for that, especially if you’re a consumer on the go.

Puffco Peak Pro

Got some money to spend and want to take dabbing to a customizable, next-level experience? Then you’ve got to check out the Puffco Peak Pro. Definitely not for the budget-conscious or those new to the dabbing game — but if you’re willing to spend the $419.99 (why not just round it up to $420?!), you’ll get:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility, allowing the device to work with a smartphone app to fully personalize your sessions
  • Four pre-programmed heat setting, with more available through the app
  • Ceramic bowl that’s 40% larger than its predecessor
  • Average battery life of 30 sessions
  • Less than 2-hour charge time
  • Wireless Qi charging
  • USB connection
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Double water capacity
  • Auto-sleep function
  • Real-time temperature control
  • Sealed ceramic chamber

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the base and glass, the Puffco Peak Pro includes jacket & tether, loading tools, AC adapter, and carrying case. 

Retail cost: $419.99

This list, of course, is not extensive and there are a lot of companies creating innovative and affordable e-rigs, especially as dabbing grows in popularity. Use this as your guide to find the e-rig that’s a match for your dabbing preferences! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Dab Rigs Worth It?

We think so. E-rigs offer a lot of benefits, including ease of use and portability. 

What Size E-rig is Best?

That depends very much on your preferences, but here are a couple of things to consider: do you want something portable and convenient, or something that requires a sit-down commitment? Start from there.

What Size Dab Do You Take?

It’s always best to follow cannabis’ golden rule: start low and go slow. Dabs are potent, and it’s better to go up incrementally instead of greening out.

How Much Does a Dab E-rig Usually Cost?

Based on our list here, e-rigs can cost anywhere from $90-420 dollars.