Balance is important, whether you’re talking about circus performers or your weed. There are plenty of sativa-heads looking to soar through their day, and plenty of indica-lovers just looking for some chill. In the middle are those who want the best of both worlds. Good 50/50 hybrids give you just that. Enough sativa-effects to spark your creativity and boost your mood, and just the right amount of indica-effects to keep your limbs loose and your vibe maintained. 

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Equal parts sativa and indica strains are hard to come by, which is why we’re listing the top 10 50/50 hybrids that’ll help you find that middle ground where good times reside.      

Top Ten 50/50 Hybrid Strains

1. Blue Dream

macro shot of a green cannabis plant with orange hairs and white crystals on the leaves. Blue Dream is a happy go-lucky strain that keeps you moving and grooving.
One of the most popular 50/50 hybrids in the world, this Santa Cruz native’s dreamy effects took it from the surf towns of California across the nation in record time. A cross of Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream’s sweet blueberry flavor perks you up nearly as much as its buzzy, focused hybrid high. Meanwhile, it’s pain-relieving body high allows you to keep calm, cool, and in control no matter what’s ailing you. That’s what’s made this 50/50 hybrid a special favorite of medical patients looking to keep active. 

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2. C. Banana

When it comes to potent 50/50 hybrids, this sweet, malty cross of Banana OG and OG Kush can top out at a staggering 34% THC. C. Banana’s smooth flavor and musky orange exhale is quickly followed by a headrush of cerebral focus and outside-the-box thinking that goes well with creative brainstorming or analytical tasks. This 50/50 hybrid’s kush parentage soon makes itself known with a cascading sense of relaxation that pours down your spine and through your limbs, melting away aches, pains, and tension. 

3. Gorilla Glue

Cannabis nugget that is pale green and has a frosty coating of trichome crystals Gorilla Glue brings on extreme happiness and provides relief in the body.
Of all the 50/50 hybrids on this list, Gorilla Glue is one that may stick on you. A cross of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel, Gorilla Glue is known for gluing trim scissors shut with its trichomes, and gluing everyone who smokes it to the couch. The exhale is an earthy mix of chocolate and diesel notes, and the heavy-hitting effects are award-winning. Gorilla Glue opens with a giggly, joyous hybrid high that washes the stresses of your day away. This is soon followed by a couch-locking body high that tranquilizes any lingering anxiety, pain, or soreness. On our list of 50/50 hybrids, Gorilla Glue is best for consuming when you’re done thinking all your thoughts for the day and your evening plans are a restful night of sleep.    

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4. Skywalker

One of the more long-lasting 50/50 hybrids, this fruity-tasting cross of Mazar and Blueberry, brings balance to more than the force. Skywalker’s indica parentage comes across as a mellow, lazy kind of hybrid high that’s followed by care-free and mood-boosting cerebral effects. Depending on your tolerance, Skywalker can be great for any homebodies trying to increase their appetite, enhance their calm, or settle their stomach. If this ain’t your first trip around the galaxy, Skywalker can also help you get out and about with friends if you’re more of an introvert. 

5. Gelato

bright green cannabis top with white and orange hairs. Gelato Cake is known for its delicious flavor and cerebral effects. Photo credit: Shutterstock
When it comes to social 50/50 hybrids, this award-winning cross between Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert is a sweet treat. Gelato’s soft, creamy, and fruity smoke is where its name comes from, but its effects are the key to its popularity. This balanced, mellow hybrid high comes on almost instantly, with time-altering, sound-enhancing effects that border on psychedelic. This cerebral effect is paired with a buzzy body high that enhances relaxation without becoming too tiring. Floaty and lucid, Gelato’s great for both medical patients needing daytime relief and recreational users who just want to feel good. 

6. Tahoe OG

Cannabis nugget that is light green with orange hairs on top of a black background. Tahoe OG provides laid back vibes.
As you’d expect from the name, the hybrid high from this strain is all about those resort town vibes. Tahoe OG should come with a pair of sunglasses and a deck chair for the lake. Tahoe OG will give you a sunnier outlook almost immediately with its smooth lemony, skunky, and earthy flavor. The euphoric effects combine with a warm, lazy body high that’ll keep you in a comfortable spot until you’re ready to stretch your limbs and take a swim away from shore.   

7. Runtz

A sugar rush of energy thanks to its parentage of Gelato and Zkittles, Runtz makes our list of the top 50/50 hybrids for its weekend appeal. With a candy-like taste offset by piney citrus, the hybrid high of this strain is all about taking a personal day off. Wake-and-bake with a smile, then get ready to float through your afternoon on the couch, taking a long bike ride, or laying out in the park. This strain lets your week-day stress melt away and is great for anyone anxious about what the future holds. That’s for tomorrow to deal with. 


A cannabis nugget that is dense and composed of green, orange, and purple tones. ACDC can provide pain relief thanks to the high amounts of CBD in the strain. Photo credit: Shutterstock
Of all of our 50/50 hybrids, this strain is a little bit indica, a little bit sativa, and a whole lot of CBD. The earthy, skunky, and sweet flavor is pleasant, but ACDC’s hybrid high is what’s got its fans roaring for an encore. Medical patients love its high CBD content for pain relief, seizures, and stress, and recreational consumers love how it turns up the volume on your energy, and zeros the dial on any social anxiety. Peaceful, euphoric, and engaging, this 50/50 hybrid’s a perfect strain for anyone looking to shake it all night long. 

9. Peanut Butter Breath

Cannabis nugget that is dark purple, red hairs, and light green leaves. Peanut Butter Breath is a great strain to take out and smoke with friends for upbeat vibes. Photo credit: Shutterstock
Among the 50/50 hybrids, Peanut Butter Breath is first in the “Kicking it with Your Friends” category. This cross between Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath F2 is gonna have you looking for a comfortable spot to chill, but you won’t be laying your head there. Its cerebral effects will make you the life of the party, with plenty of upbeat vibes to share. While this strain’s great for muscle pain, depression, or anxiety, it’s the munchies that you’ll need to be ready for. Be sure to have some snacks around. 

10. Phantom OG

Closing out our list of the top 50/50 hybrids is this cross of OG Kush and Phantom Cookies. Boasting a smooth exhale of piney citrus with a hint of chemical tang, this hybrid high gets your train of thought rolling to exciting new destinations. New ideas come easily, whether you’re working on your own personal projects, a knotty problem at work, or just chatting with friends. Meanwhile, you’ll find an overwhelming sense of well-being and calm spreading through your body, further helping you focus on what’s in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do 50/50 Hybrids Make You Feel?

Generally, 50/50 Hybrids will give you a high that’s balanced somewhere between a calming relaxation and an uplifting mood boost, but it really depends on the strain and your own body chemistry.

What is the Strongest Hybrid Strain?

Banana is considered by many to be the strongest hybrid strain, with a THC content measured at up to 34%. What are your favorite 50/50 hybrids? Any we left off the list? Let us know in the comments!