Most ganja lovers see the word “indica” and think “in-da-couch” — this phrase is ingrained in our minds as the standard for these lazy strains of weed. That being said, the more we learn about cannabis and each individual cultivar, we now know that indica varieties are not quite so black and white.  With literally thousands of strains to choose from with an equally varied set of effects, indicas are far more complex than what an average stoner may assume. From sleepy relaxation to euphoric bliss, these bushy plants go far beyond the old couch-locked adage. While these strains continue to evolve and adapt to an ever-growing cannabis market, here are five iconic indica strains that have changed the Mary Jane game forever. 

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Granddaddy Purple

With origins in Humboldt County, California, Granddaddy Purple (GDP) has quickly become one of the most popular indica strains since its inception in 2003. Though plenty of purple flowers existed before GDP, none have achieved the same level of success as these, especially tasty buds.  Granddaddy Purp is known around the world for its vibrant purple buds that give off sweet, grapey terpenes with earthy undertones. The flavor alone inspired an entire generation of growers to find a more balanced flavor in their crop, rather than the diesel-like and sour notes traditionally associated with pure indica breeds. Our taste buds thank you, Granddaddy Purple. 

Hindu Kush

If you can’t guess from the name, Hindu Kush is a pure indica from the Hindu Kush mountain range in the Middle East. Its dense buds are usually coated in crystal-like trichomes that gives the light green flowers a vibrant white sheen. An original landrace strain, it is believed to be one of the first cannabis plants to be used in hash.  Hindu Kush flower usually hits the nose with a sweet yet piney aroma, while the smoke can have sugar, lavender, and pine flavors. Once the effects start to kick in, most people claim to feel a calm and relaxing head high that pairs well with the ending of a long day on your balcony or couch. If you’re looking for a long-lasting blissful experience, Hindu Kush may be the strain for you. 

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Northern Lights

Known for its sparkly and resinous buds, Northern Lights comes from a long line of Afghani heritage and has since been hybridized and re-envisioned time and time again — and for good reason.  This pure Indica strain delivers a hard-hitting body high that gives “in-da-couch” its meaning and a head high that is pure relief. Alongside its potent high, each bud gives off a classic skunky scent and a slightly sweet flavor when you smoke it. Give this strain (or its popular phenotype Northern Lights #5) anytime you need some serious R&R. 


A legendary award-winning strain, GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies), took California by storm in the 2010s and has since grown as a staple strain that you can find in many retail stores. As the original name suggests, GSC is the brainchild of rapper and Cookies founder, Berner. In-fact it's one of the first strains Berner made! GSC is one of the most popular strains on Wikileaf and at-times hits top 5 in popularity, probably because of GSC's incredibly smooth high that leaves users relaxed and full of giggles. Not just that, but it also smells like heaven.

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Want to kick it old school? Blueberry is a strain from the 70s that is still relevant today due to its beautiful buds and smooth blueberry flavor profile. Not a lot is known about this strain's origins, which is typical for older strains. All I know is that someone deemed "The Willy Wonka of Pot" bred it. Good enough for me. A cross between Thai and Purple Thai, this strain leans heavily into its Indica roots and is a perfect companion for staying indoors or when it's time to don the nightcap.

Final Thoughts

While this, this list barely scratches the surface of the best of indica strains, sound off and tell us your favorites in the comments below.