Over the past few years, memes have exploded onto the social media scene to make us laugh about everything from mundane daily tasks to serious social issues. Memes have opened up a whole new world of humor that often treads a thin line between hilarious and bizarre. In the cannabis community, memes have a mind of their own with a unique brand of humor. They have become a way for us to bond, laugh, and connect over what it’s like to love weed in these current times. While things can often feel uncertain in our lives, one thing remains the same: stoners love to laugh.  Roll yourself up something nice, and read on for Wikileaf’s Top 15 Weed Memes to get your daily dose of giggles.

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 1. Sativa vs. Indica

Two dogs representing Sativa and Indica faces

2. Roll The Joint Grasshopper

Mr.Miyagi teaching the Karate Kid how to roll a joint

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3. My Stoned Parents

Cersei and Thor making stoned faces

4. The Trinity

Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and Wiz Khalifa smoking joints

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5. How Are You Still Hungry?

Three guys pointing to a cannabis bud to explain why they're hungry  

6. Adult Problems Require Adult Solutions

A bandaid and joint, one for kid boo boos and one for adult boo boos

7. High Listening

  A women that is high pretending to listen to her friend  

8. Sharing is Caring

Superhero and kids raising arms in joy

9. Giving Into Temptation

smithers staring at strippers with weed text over them

10. Grow Your Own

Jesus asking why people are charging each other for weed

11. Turning A Party From "Meh" to "Lit"

12. Smart Business Plan

Matthew Mcconaughey and friend at a Taco Bell drive through looking high

13. Blame the Neighbors

Guy that looks really high

14. Before and After Wake N' Bake

Kanye West looking sad in 1 image, and smiling in the other

15. No Words Necessaryphoto of a ton of munchies in response to text asking "how was the weed?"

From the munchies to money-problems, memes always know how to make us laugh. Have a favorite cannabis meme of your own? Share it in the comments below!