There are countless rolling papers to choose from, but which are the best? Read on to find out which brands make Wikileaf’s top 15. Whether you’re looking to roll a blunt, spliff, or joint, there’s something here for everyone who enjoys smoking a roll. 

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Northern Lights Supply Unrefined Hemp Classic Rolling Papers 

Northern Lights Supply Unrefined Hemp Classic Rolling Papers The NLS brand is based out of Michigan, so if you’re into purchasing American-made products, the Great Lakes state has this all natural, additive-free option. The papers are made with hemp and are completely vegan.

They are thin—nearly see-through. If you live in a humid area, you may want to vacuum seal these to keep them from sticking together.  As one customer writes in their review of the NLS Unrefined Hemp Classic Rolling Papers, “These papers are great! Not too thick, not too thin. Rough surface. Good gum. Easy to roll. Burns even. What else do you want?” 

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Raw Unrefined Cigarette Rolling Papers 

Raw Unrefined Cigarette Rolling Papers Raw papers are well-known for their quality. They are ultra-thin and have a mild but pleasant flavor. The papers are easy to roll and the included adhesive seals well.  Their ease of use is summed up by this customer’s review of Raw Unrefined Cigarette Rolling Papers: “Nice flavor, easily glue together and stay put without ripping.”   

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Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers 

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers are made with pressed rice. The papers burn slowly and smoothly thanks to their quality texture. Despite their thinness, the papers won’t break on you. Elements also uses a natural gum adhesive which gives a very subtle, sweet flavor.

One happy customer offered some helpful advice in their review: “Best papers on the market, IMHO. I’ve heard people complain of the gum not working on these, but it’s sugar gum which must be gently lubricated or it will dissolve and fail. I’ve found that if you close off the paper before moistening it, and then lick the OUTSIDE of the cigarette to seal it, the gum never fails.” 

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones King Size Rolling Papers with Filter Tips

Raw makes it on the list again for these Pre-Rolled Cones with filter tips. Like the papers, these pre-rolled cones are made with organic hemp. Of course, the highlight of this product is the convenience of not having to master the art of the roll. It’s already rolled for you, so all you’ve got to do is pack it with your cannabis.

One reviewer switched over from using papers, and immediately noticed an improved smoking experience: “I switched over from the traditional Raw papers + Roller product to try the cones out. I was concerned that the rollers would be smushed/damaged during delivery. They arrived in mint condition. I am getting a better and more consistent burn currently from this product. The flavor comes through clean while smoking with these.”

Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers 

These simple, super-thin apers burn slowly, evenly, and without leaving a burnt aftertaste. You can almost see their contents once rolled, but they don’t tear easily.

According to this reviewer, the benefits of Zig Zag Ultra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers are worth the price:  “These papers are excellent. They're Ultra-Thin, but that doesn't mean they're weaker or will tear easier. Quite the contrary, I can roll pretty tight ‘cigs’ with these, and I've yet to roll one so tight that I tore the paper. There are also two other advantages to these papers. The first is that they leave no taste at all. The second is that they burn slower than Orange Zig-Zag's, which is hilarious because the Orange's are advertised as ‘slow-burning’.”

King Palm Natural Slow Burning Pre-Rolled Palm Leaves with Filter Tip

These pre-rolls are extremely easy to use—just pack them and enjoy. They are also made with organic, tobacco-free leaves from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) family. The slow burn, minimal taste, and natural source of these leaves make the King Palm pre-roll a top contender.  According to one reviewer, “These are amazing. They burn very slowly which makes your flowers go a long way, which I would also recommend to not completely fill since it can hold more than a few grams if packed correctly. If you’re looking for a great alternative to blunts or papers then these are it.” 

Job Orange Slow Burning Rolling Papers 

These no-frills rice papers are known for their slow burn. Job Orange rolling papers are extremely affordable, and as one long-term customer mentions offer a better product than the competition:  “I have been rolling for over fifty years. Bought a box 3 months ago, just so you understand I use them daily. I buy these over and over again and I have tried almost all of the different brands and made from everything, hemp- rice- zig-zags, cones, etc. For my taste and money, I like these.”

Bugler Rolling Papers 

The Bugler brand has been around since 1932 and has earned loyalty from customers for its thin, inter-leaved papers made with a mix of flax and wood.  These economical but effective papers are the reason customers like this one rarely venture to other brands: “In the mid-fifties, I was using wheat straw papers until I could no longer get them. Since that time, I have primarily used Bugler papers and have for the most part been very happy with them.” 

Empire Rolling $100 Bill Rolling Paper 

A paper for the statement makers, Empire Rolling “Benny’s look like $100 bills, but these unbleached papers are made with natural plant fibers, non-toxic vegetable oil coloring, and organic sugar glue.  According to this reviewer, these papers are more interesting than they are practical, but they make the list for their unique look:  “Personally hated these papers. They burned waaayyy too fast and it was a bitch to get it to stay stuck. What we ended up doing was rolling with a regular rillo and then wrapping over that with the 100 one. Overall cool for the aesthetic but will never buy again.”

Kashmir Unbleached Rolling Papers 

These thin papers are additive and chlorine-free. Kashmir’s Unbleached Rolling Papers’ competitive price and great quality make them a go to product for people who enjoy smoking rolls.  As one customer put it, “These papers are very thin and do not change the taste of what you are smoking. The price is right and delivery was fast.” 

Hawaiian Skunk Flavored Rolling Papers 

These flavored rolling papers are made with hemp and have a light pineapple taste. Since 1993, the Skunk brand has added to its loyal following of customers like this one: “I found a pack of these (Skunk Hawaiian rolling papers) in my first DHC box and tried them and was an instant convert. These (along with the other flavors) are the only papers I use. Grab a pack, you won't be disappointed.”

Top Rolling Papers 

Top Rolling papers are made in France but have been particularly popular in the midwestern United States since they got on the market. These papers are inexpensive, effective, and have little to no taste.  That’s why customers like this one consider Top an “easy choice”: “Tops cigarette rolling papers have been around forever. They are cheap, they do the job as described and they are an easy choice.”

Raw Classic Black 

Raw makes the list for the third time for its ultra-thin Classic Black papers. The main difference between Raw Blacks and Classics is that the Blacks are thinner and transmit the cannabis flavor better than the Classics do.  This customer recommends them for experienced rollers: “Best rolling papers on the market at the moment in my humble opinion. I used to manage a smoke shop and we had almost every paper available in the country, my old favorite were smoking masters (silver pack) were the thinnest I ever had until raw blacks. Best paper for experienced rollers.”

Smoking Master Ultra Thin Rolling Papers 

These thin rice papers are made in Spain by a brand that has been around since 1922. These popular papers are sold around the world and are particularly valued by experienced rollers for their high quality.  As this customer writes about Smoking Masters Rolling Papers, “They are thin, easy to roll and leave almost no paper flavor while smoking. Rice papers are (in my opinion) the best way to smoke.”

Zig Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Paper 

These Zig Zag papers are ultra-thin and made with unbleached hemp for a slow-burning smoke that won’t overpower the cannabis flavor. Customers love these papers for their effectiveness and less harsh overall smoking experience.  Even though rolling these papers takes a little more work, this customer still enjoyed the superior smoking experience: “A little different rolling, but it is much smoother and easier on the throat. Worth it.”