Paraphernalia has an interesting history in the United States cannabis culture.  Its manufacture and distribution are federally illegal according to the Controlled Substances Act, and in most states, the possession of paraphernalia is illegal as well.  Even in states where cannabis has been legalized, paraphernalia remains punishable.  For example, in Oregon, the sale, delivery, possession with intent to sell or deliver, or manufacture with intent to sell or deliver are considered civil penalties and are subject to a fine of up to $10,000. Despite those laws, paraphernalia abounds.  In fact, glass pieces are deeply entrenched in cannabis culture.  Glass is so intertwined with cannabis that in 2003, the federal government targeted manufacturers of glass paraphernalia in a covert mission known as “Operation Pipe Dreams.”  The operation culminated in the raid of 55 people’s homes and the imprisonment of Tommy Chong.  While that mission effectively destroyed Chong’s glass business, it did nothing to curb the ubiquity of glass paraphernalia or stop pot smokers from… smoking their pot. Today, most people aren’t even aware that glass paraphernalia is illegal.  Glass pieces are available for purchase online, in tobacco “smoke shops,” in novelty stores, and even in some gas stations.  While most glasswork is aesthetically pleasing but mainly functional, some glassblowers have expressed incredible creativity through the craft and expect hefty compensation for their artisanship.  To wealthy lovers of pot, purchasing one of these rare but beautiful glass devices is a way for them to celebrate the culture. The following are some of the most expensive glass pieces on the market today.

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Hitman Glass’ Dabuccino Hammerhead - $1,600

 Here are some of the most expensive pieces   These bongs appeal to the pot-lover who loves Starbucks as well.  Hitman Glass and Evol Glass collaborated to create the trendy pieces.  In 2016, Starbucks was awarded $410, 580 in damages in a lawsuit it filed against Evol Glass and Hitman Glass designer, James Landgraf for this rig’s use of the company’s siren logo.

Carsten Carlile’s Starry Night Skeletal Rib Cage Rig - $1,800

This piece is spooky This teal, violet, and turquoise skeleton design by Carsten Carlile is a one of a kind, pretty and creepy way to enjoy your weed.

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Freeek Tube - $3,799

This piece is the freek tube The intricate patterns and warm colors tempered by simple transparent glass give this pipe an elegant, tribal look.

EF Norris’ Surfer Lego Man with Shark - $3,800

Smoke out of this lego On top of having the best name, this very cool piece of artwork is a shout out to every pot smoker’s inner child.  Who wouldn’t want to smoke out of a Lego character?

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Preston Hanna’s Michael Jackson Thriller Rig - $4,000

This bong is a thriller There are so many things to love about this piece, it’s hard to choose the best feature.  Is it the tribute to “Thriller?”  The spot-on Michael Jackson pose and outfit?  Or that the character in said outfit and pose is a beaver?

Robin Hood Glass’ Triceratops Bubbler - $4,600

Look at this dino glass The intricacy and artisanship of this bubbler is astounding.  Designed after a triceratops’ skeleton, this piece appeals to every smoker who wanted Jurassic Park to be real.

Dosa-Reticello Dab Rig - $6,000

The colors on this are awesome This glasswork offers both a smooth smoke and aesthetic appeal.  The rainbow-colored lines are balanced by the simple blue glass for a modern and sophisticated look.

Hitman Glass’ Sandblasted Sundae Stack Torch Tube - $6,000 

This has a cool shape This complicated bong is not for the novice smoker.  Featuring five individual chambers, one with its own torch, the ode to ice cream is not your average way to toke.

Killadelph’s Custom Triple Coil Beaker + Collin’s Pyramid Perc and Matching Showerhead Ash Catcher - $6,800

This is an intricate piece On top of its science lab appeal, the black glass is what really makes this piece stand out.  It’s unique and spectacular design are responsible for its nickname, the Unicorn.

Burtoni & Euphoria’s Squid Chopper Hybrid - $7,000

 This is out of this world This bong is perfectly named as it depicts a squid fused with a helicopter.  A conversation starter, this beautiful and bizarre piece is guaranteed to entertain in more than one way.

ME Glass X Blitzkriega Balloon Giraffe - $7,000

Expensive and artistic glass bong The beautiful colors mimic the coat of a giraffe while the shapes mimic the childhood delight of an animal balloon.  This bong is a one of kind beauty.

Scott Deppe’s Grateful 4 Mushrooms - $14,251

This is psychadelic Looking at this artwork is a psychedelic experience in and of itself.  This explosion of colors, teddy bears, and mushrooms is so much more than a bong; it’s an experience.

RooR’s Excalibur - $15,000

This bong is really life sized This enormous bong aptly named after King Arthur’s legendary sword is indeed of mythic proportions.  It stands over six feet tall, making it an artistic centerpiece with or without weed.

Scott Deppe’s Take me 2 the Mothership - $20,000

Take me 2 the mothership Once again, Scott Deppe holds nothing back in this glass piece.  The colors, aliens, and spaceships are fascinating to look at and demonstrate incredible creativity.

Adam Whobrey + Steve Hops’ Hod Rod Bubbler - $20,000

Hot rod   This very cool design is for car lovers everywhere and is another example of glass as art as well as smoking technology.

Pirate Ship Builder - $30,000

Ahoy matey The price is enormous, but so is the attention to detail.  This complex pirate ship is a stunning work of art.

RooR’s Skull Gun - $90,000

SKULL LASER GUN What happens when you put a gun and a skull together?  This insanely expensive glass piece worth my college education.

Scott Deppe’s Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong - $100,000

Look at this gold encrusted skull This wildly creative design features gold encrusted marijuana leaves wrapped around a glass skull.  It is a one of a kind glass piece worth every bit of the vision it took to create it.

Scott Deppe and Sagan Glass’ Collaboration – $101,000

Smoking into the cosmos This piece was sold for over $100,000 at a private auction, so details surrounding it are a bit of a mystery.  What is known is that the glasswork is about ten inches tall and features blue, green, and black colors as well as “moon” marbles, one of which was actually launched into space in 2015.

Darby, Banjo, Scott Deppe, + Clinton Roman’s The Throne - $1,000,000

This is the world's most expensive glass piece The most expensive glass piece in the world, this regal and intimidating beauty’s dark colors, intricate detail, and innovative design speak to the behemoths of talent who collaborated to create it.