Marijuana Edibles You Need To Try

Chocolate cookies, chocolate bars

It wasn’t so long ago that brownies were the only commonly available option for cannabis consumption beyond simple smoking. Now, a range of potent new weed products has emerged, as entrepreneurs in certain states have the freedom to tinker around with different formulas and possibilities. There are so many new options that the Cannabis Cup, High Times magazine’s mainstay of weed competition, has created entirely new categories for ranking them. Here’s our look at four of the tastiest cannabis products available today:


THC can be used to give anything an extra kick as long as it has fat or alcohol compounds to bond with. Pre-legalization innovators have already hacked a home recipe for “green dragon,” a preparation of cannabis-infused vodka. Now, soda infused with THC oil is one of the many edibles filling dispensary shelves everywhere. Brands like Canna Cola, Dixie Elixirs, and Sprig are pushing a variety of flavors that might appeal to those who’d prefer not to smoke, or to those who simply like the idea of drinking their weed. Soda in a glass, soda on iceAlthough the reviews can be somewhat mixed — stoner comedian Doug Benson compared the taste of most cannabis beverages to “bong water” — the products are potent, ranging from 45 to 80 milligrams of THC per bottle (for comparison’s sake, 10 to 15 milligrams is a good recommended dose to get the average user mildly high). As with any cannabis product, moderating your own dosage is crucial — just as brownies are notoriously unpredictable in their onset, psychoactive beverages can also sneak up on a thirsty consumer. In all, these treats are a great option for portable cannabis consumption, and should do far less harm that novelty alcoholic products like Four Loko.

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Weed and pizza have an obvious natural affinity because: munchies.

It was only a matter of time before an enterprising genius packaged the two together. Luckily for the rest of us, some brave souls have created a whole slew of cannabis pizza products. Stoned Oven out of L.A. has created a line of cannabis frozen pizzas with toppings as traditional as pepperoni and as gourmet as prosciutto. Available in L.A. area dispensaries, each pie contains about 250 milligrams of THC. Not to be outdone, Clean Healing

PIzza with all the toppings, pizza with olives and peppersand Summit Health Remedies have both concocted jarred cannabis pizza sauces — both of which won Best Edible prizes in the 2016 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Invention doesn’t end with edible products, though: the same people who streamlined one-button pizza ordering had the brilliant idea to serve their pies in a box with a detachable cardboard flap that can be folded into a pipe. By simultaneously inducing hunger and relieving it, cannabis pizza products might just be the ultimate form of vertical integration.


Already a mild stimulant and notorious for inducing cravings, it’s hard to think of anything that might make chocolate even more appealing. Fortunately, high-end producer Kiva has created a collection of cannabis chocolate bars with up to 180 milligrams of THC, in unconventional flavors like ginger and vanilla chai. A step beyond brownies, these treats are sold in San Francisco Bay area dispensaries for a modest $20 per bar. Confectioner Bhang also offers chocolate bars,Bars of chocolate, chocolate shavings but in different grades of THC to personalize your experiences; they’ve won five Cannabis Cup prizes. Meanwhile, our Canadian neighbors have taken things up a notch with

Chrontella, a cannabis-infused chocolate hazelnut spread similar to Nutella.

At 300 milligrams per jar, it’s sure to be a welcome addition to any stoner snack arsenal. Unfortunately, it’s currently only sold in dispensaries in Canada. Get your hands on any one of these psychoactive chocolate products, toss them in a cooler along with some graham crackers and marshmallows, and head out for a camping trip; you’ll be the toast of the bonfire when you break out some cannabis s’mores.

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Mixing an upper like caffeine with an indica downer — or even with a sativa upper — might seem counterintuitive, but the aptly named Pot-O-Coffee has succeeded where similar upper/downer combo Red Bull and vodka has failed. The California-based brand has a full suite of infused coffees and teas — in both THC and CBD-dominant varieties — in doses of 10, 50, and 100 milligrams.

On top of that, the blends come packaged in cups compatible with Keurig brewers, offering a new wake-and-bake routine at the literal push of a button.

More regionally, the Pacific Northwest’s storied coffee culture has gone some way towards melding with legal cannabis — there’s even a local name for the combo of the two substances: the Northwest Speedball. cafe latte, women pouring milk into espresso Refined Seattle head shop Trichome has hosted sampling events for “bulletproof coffee,” a paleo-friendly and cannabis-infused combo of coffee and grass-fed butter. Although scientific studies haven’t found any evidence that caffeine enhances the effects of THC (or vice versa), the soothing combination of two well-loved substances is bound to see continued innovation. Still no word on how your confused stomach will react to the combination of appetite-suppressing caffeine and appetite-stimulating THC.

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