What Would Happen If Cannabis is Changed to Schedule 2?

Despite many states legalizing recreational cannabis, it continues to be considered a Schedule 1 drug on a federal level. Would anything change if cannabis was classified as a Schedule 2 drug? WikiLeaf dives into this issue and what changes we may see if this classification is switched.
by - June 9, 2022

Blunt Business: The Leading Cannabis Price Comparison Platform

My next guest is Dan Nelson, CEO of the leading cannabis price comparison platform Wikileaf. Wikileaf provides consumers with instant price comparison among dispensaries in their immediate vicinity. Wikileaf displays menus and prices for recreational and medical dispensaries in seven states. Wikileaf just recently became one of a handful of cannabis stocks to be listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).
October 16, 2019

CSE: Dan Nelson on Empowering the Cannabis Consumer with Information

Dan Nelson, CEO of Wikileaf Technologies, joins Grace Pedota to discuss the Wikileaf Market Open at the CSE Media Centre (0:39), how his own experience with cannabis inspired him to create a dispensary comparison platform (2:09), and Wikileaf’s mission to empower cannabis consumers with information (12:07). Listen until the end to learn about the company’s partnership with Chuck Rifici and Nesta Holding Co.
September 26, 2019

Proactive: Wikileaf prepares to go public after seeing incredible growth in their platform

Wikileaf Founder and CEO Dan Nelson joined Steve Darling from Proactive Vancouver to discuss the Seattle company that acts as an online cannabis directory. Nelson talks about the beginnings of the company has the explosive growth they have seen, and the big name they have associated with the company and Nelson's plans for the future of Wikileaf.
September 17, 2019
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