How To Throw A Super Party This Weekend

Football player entering the field.

For some, the Super Bowl is a very serious event – they spend the day laying out their troll dolls and engaging in superstitious rituals sure to drive their team to victory. For others, it’s all about having fun….and rooting against the New England Patriots.

If you’re a fan of football and a fan of cannabis, a Super Bowl party is the perfect time to invite Mary Jane over. After all, she’s the MVP of any proper get-together! Yet, cannabis isn’t queso – it requires some proactivity on your part. So as you plan your Super Bowl shindig with a super bowl of your own, consider the following tips:

Super Do’s

Offer choices

Gone are the days of smoking pot in the back of the garage (okay, that still happens, but now there are other options too!) When hosting a party, remember that everyone likes to imbibe differently. Some people prefer to smoke while others want to vape. Some prefer edibles while others want a shorter-acting experience.

Choose the right strains

Have a variety of strains availableDifferent strains do different things to different people, but – as a rule – sativas are better for socializing and indicas are better for sitting on the couch and saying, “uuuuhhhhhh.” If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, remember this and choose your strains wisely. A few good ones for a great time include:

  • Cat Piss: Don’t let the name deter you, Cat Piss isn’t something you’ll want to scrub out of your house with the help of vinegar. This strain can be invigorating and energize the user. It also has a potent munchie effect, an effect not always welcome. When there’s nachos around? Well, that’s a different story.
  • Lamb’s Bread: Lamb’s Bread offers the user an improved mood and a sense of euphoria – so what if your team only went 5-11 and finished last in the AFC West? You won’t care as much! Beware, however, that this strain is known to elicit paranoia. In other words, are the Patriots cheating or do you just think they are?
  • Orange Crush: If the Broncos can’t be in the Super Bowl at least a strain that – kind of sort of – represents them can show up at the party. Orange Crush tends to make users happy but it can bring about side effects in novices. These tend to be the typical paranoia and dry mouth with spins added in for good measure.

Have lots of food

Have lots of food at your partyOffer good food, not just a vegetable tray that no one will touch once the ranch dressing is gone. Food is an essential element to any successful party, but when pot is involved its importance compounds. Unless you want people feasting on your houseplants, offer your guests a hearty spread that includes things that are sweet and salty. Don’t forget non-marijuana etiquette either. Be sure to offer something to those who may have food allergies and those who refrain from eating meat and dairy.

Allow for other types of imbibing

Cannabis may be a good time, but it doesn’t have the monopoly on the party scene. Just because you’re offering a fattie, that doesn’t mean you should give the likes of Fat Tire the hook. Some people prefer alcohol over marijuana (and some do both). So, offer your friends bud and Budweiser. You don’t need to stock your mini-bar full of top-shelf Crown Royal, but at least have the basics: beer and wine.

Super Don’ts

When hosting a cannabis-themed Super Bowl party, refrain from the following……

Inviting the crazy fan

If you have a friend who is a crazy fan of one of the teams playing, you might want to refrain from extending an invitation their way. If they’re chill and relaxed, that’s one thing, but if they’re going to spend the whole time yelling at everyone to be quiet on third and long, that’s another. A cannabis party really isn’t the best place for people who want to concentrate on the game. There’s too much chatting, too much socializing, and too much asking, “Wait, what’s the score?”

Making marijuana accessible to children

If marijuana prohibitionists are to be believed, the children of marijuana users repeatedly use marijuana themselves, happily taking joints to school with them inside their Power Ranger lunch boxes. Kids do accidentally ingest marijuana, but it’s often through edibles. This means parents – and party hosts – must be proactive. If you’re going to have a plate of pot cookies, make sure they’re out of the reach of little ones and clearly labeled – even adults might not like any “oh, oh, oh!” with their Oreos.

Impersonating Typhoid Mary

It’s been a bad flu season so far – keep this in mind when you’re hosting a party. Gatherings that involve cannabis, especially when smoking is involved, also involve the spreading of germs. The flu can be spread just by breathing, but since you can’t ask your guests to refrain from inhaling the air, you can at least minimize the risk by making sure your equipment (bongs, pipes, etc.) is clean. Using a lighter on the mouthpiece for five-ten seconds (especially a torch lighter) can help as well. And offering hand wipes (particularly around the food) helps too. People touching their eyes and their mouths without clean hands is one of the most common ways germs are spread.

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