Sugar-Free Edibles: Sink Your Teeth into These Delights

Check out these sugar-free edibles

Ah, sugar – we’re sweet on it. In America today, the average person eats over 150 pounds of sugar a year. It’s fair to say that we crave the cane.

Still, sugar isn’t for everyone. From people with underlying medical conditions to those who want to lose weight, to people who are trying to eat healthier to those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth, there are many reasons why people seek out edibles that didn’t come straight out of Candyland.

The good news is that there are edibles galore and anyone who wants to avoid sugar certainly can. The bad news is that sugar is used for a reason and that reason is the existence of our taste buds. Sugar, to most of us, tastes good and it can mean the difference between an edible that’s delish and one that is just so-so at best or, worse, to quote Ross from Friends – “taste like feet.”

In short, some research is in order! So, what are some of the best sugar-free edibles on the market today? Consider taking a bite out of:

Swift Mints

Try these mints outWant a fresh perspective and fresh breath? Then check out these bad boys. Per the company website, Swift Mints are a “precise blend of the finest cannabis and other natural extracts, Swifts Mints have a refreshing taste, are sugar free and contain the natural, plant-derived sweetener xylitol. Swift Mints are the delicious microdose mint that puts you in charge.” 

They offer mints in both THC and CBD. They come in several flavors as well – Green Tea, Chili Mango, and Passionfruit to start.

Julie’s Natural Edibles

This company specializes in “creating strain specific, all natural, and gluten-free edibles.” Though they technically have sugar – the way oranges have sugar – they don’t use any refined sugars or sweeteners. Their products include Fresh Granola, Roasted Seed Mix, Granola Bars, and Nutty Bites.

Veda Chews 

Veda Chews offer products that are non-GMO, vegan, and sugar-free. They have a variety of selections ranging from THC-heavy to CBD-heavy to an even ratio. The two flavors offered are white chocolate caramel chews and chocolate caramel chews. They also sell a balm which isn’t an edible (hopefully it doesn’t come to that) but offers medicinal, anti-inflammatory properties to those who need them.

Eden’s Cure

Try out these sugar free thc infused candiesIf you are looking for hard candies, these ones fit the bill. They come in cinnamon flavor from a company that prides itself on accurate dosing. Per their website, “Since 2010, Eden’s Cure has been fanatical about testing and providing accurately dose and labeled cannabis products for patients in need. Couple that with a rabid desire to make candies we really loved the taste of and an herbalist’s approach to salves and balms and capsules and you get the finest products money can buy.” They hail from California, where recreational weed is new but medicinal weed has been around since the era we walked uphill both way in our flannels to get to a Pearl Jam concert.

Wake and Bake

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in dispensaries, consider making your own. The Wake and Bake website offers several recipes for food and drink. It caters to a variety of diets, including vegan and paleo.

California Dreamin’

Try these thc sodasSo this is what the Mamas and Papas were singing all about! This company offers all-natural cannabis-infused sodas made from fruit juice (so they’ll have fruit sugars but not the added sugar you would find in, say, a Dr. Pepper). They’re designed to elicit a light “buzz” that is ideal for socializing with friends. Naturally, drinking more than one might make it more ideal for sitting on the couch watching Friends (How many times can Friends be mentioned in a single article?)

Mountain High Suckers

Speaking of suckers, Tootsie Pops don’t appear to come infused with cannabis just yet, but there are plenty of marijuana lollipops on the market and some of them are sans sugar. Mountain High Suckers offers several different flavors ranging from butterscotch to blueberry to grape and lemon. Their medicinal selection is more extensive than their recreational but they do offer some for the latter crowd.

Does Sugar Enhance Your High?

Some people are hesitant to give up sugar-heavy edibles because they believe that the high is compounded when cannabis and corn syrup are married together. Part of this belief has to do with the concept of the “sugar high.”

While it may be the bane of every parent everywhere (curse you, Halloween!), science does indeed suggest that the sugar high may be little more than a myth.

Does sugar actually give you a high?It started all the way back in the 1970s when an allergist launched the craze with a study that found a link between sugar consumption and hyperactivity. The study was eventually debunked, but it didn’t matter. It often doesn’t – many people still avoid diet sodas because of the idea that they cause cancer in rats (something else that has been debunked.)

As of now, it’s looking that sugar highs are more in our heads than in our blood. Thus, ditching the sugar for your weed-infused treat probably won’t alter the high. Other things do, of course.

Coffee – or anything with caffeine – may provide an extra jolt. And alcohol is known to potentiate the effects of THC (which is why it’s not a recommended combo unless you really know what you’re doing). But caffeine and alcohol are drugs, making it easy to see why they influence cannabis. Even so, regular food does it too (sugar just doesn’t appear to be one of the enhancers).

Instead, if you want to add a little kick, try reaching for the mangos (we all saw that coming), the broccoli, the sweet potatoes, and – yep – go nuts.

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