Meet Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. The first thing that I noticed about her as she walked up to me on the sidewalk is that she truly is a human personification of a cat. Her sass, her clothes, her nails — everything that I could discern about her at first glance told me I was truly going to enjoy this interview, and I was right. Kitty knows how to turn it on for the camera, and behind the scenes, she's just as fun and genuine. She may be a busy cat-lady, but she's also busy enjoying every moment of it. Her love and passion for everything that she does are palpable, and we think that's pretty admirable and worthy of a Wikileaf Social Spotlight.  

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Who are you and what do you do?

I am a: Singer. Actress. Dancer. Model. Event hostess. Feminist. Fashionista. Budtender at Have a Heart Belltown. Cannabis Activist. Social Media Influencer. Brand Ambassador. Crazy Cat Lady. Pinup Pothead. My unique style merges vintage fashion, pinup style and glamour with cannabis culture. The result is what I call #GANJAGLAM. You could say it's my aesthetic.  It's typically my job to attend cannabis cups, conventions, and parties. I've hosted 6 of Dope Magazine's Dope Industry Awards, and I model for cannabis brands, farms, and clothing lines. Kitty is a huge cannabis advocate

Why do you choose to consume, and how has cannabis affected your lifestyle?

Cannabis allows me to show up to my life; to simply function. It emotionally and physically balances me. It helps remedy many of the detrimental, disabling and exhausting symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To some extent, my life is very glamorous - the part I let everyone see. But what typically no one witnesses (especially in such a curated social media-driven society) are the day to day struggles and debilitating nature that is living with severe PTSD. Marijuana provides relief after one of my intense panic attacks, flashbacks or seizures: alleviates my anxiety, curbs my depression, reduces my chronic pain, and gives me an appetite. It provides me an opportunity to lead a healthier life. (I want to say "normal" but my life and I are anything but; besides, what the hell IS normal anyway?!) She takes pride in being a crazy cat lady Other than the medicinal values, I love the culture and I love the plant! The high, the smell, the taste, the look; She's gorgeous!  I'm also constantly humbled and touched by how inclusive, caring and supportive the cannabis community is. I especially adore the girl power that literally is our industry. Women hold the most "boss lady" positions out of any other sector out there. The plant- female. The future- female. Both could heal the world. ♀️✌ The future is female

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What is your favorite activity to do while stoned?

Taking baths! I love pretty glittery bath bombs and soaking in a hot bath while smoking a joint. I imagine Daryl Hannah in the movie Splash, soaking her mermaid tail in the bath, everytime I go to get one of my own. Or playing with my kitty cat Pirate. OR listening to the rain...I'm a simple girl. Her favorite way to consume is rolled up in a joint

What's your favorite way to consume?

Flower by far. Preferably joints. I smoke tough all day every day. She smokes joints all day every day Follow Kitty on Instagram here: @bangkittybang Want to be featured in our next Wikileaf Social Spotlight? Email me at  

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