For this week's Wikileaf Social Spotlight, I had the pleasure of sitting down with local Seattle real estate investor, Kaitlyn Cardinal. From the jump, Kaitlyn was friendly and enthusiastic. What's more important is she's passionate about what she does, and she's looking to extend that passion into a new industry - cannabis. Avid cannabis user and advocate, Kaitlyn says that the thing she loves the most about the cannabis space is it's not just full of a bunch of "stereotypical" stoners. People can be smart and passionate AND also like to get high, and that's what attracts her to the industry. You should definitely take the time to get to know Kaitlyn if the opportunity ever arises.

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Who are you and what do you do?

Currently, I work in the real estate industry and am actively seeking new ventures in the cannabis space. Kaitlyn invests in properties around Seattle

Why do you choose to consume?

Nowadays, I mostly smoke because it relaxes me and gets me out of weird head-spaces that I can sometimes fall into. It can also help at times with both my appetite and falling asleep easier than if I didn't consume cannabis. Kaitlyn consumes to keep herself in a healthy head space

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What’s your favorite activity to do while stoned?

I love street runs when stoned. I also enjoy hiking, or pretty much anything outdoors. Cleaning my place seems to be a close second. It’s the only time I enjoy cleaning and really get it done! She loves to clean her apartment while stoned

What’s your favorite way to consume?

My personal favorite is a joint, always. With a bong, it all just kinda hits you in one big blow. I like it coming on little by little and having more control over my intake, and being able to hand it off to the next person. Kaitlyn prefers joints over bongs or pipes

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What’s your most memorable getting high story?

The first time I got high. We loaded up into a car with some other wild child's and drove up a rocky, dirt road to a secluded place. They brought out a gravity bong and that was my first experience smoking anything. All I remember is the car vibrating with the tunes playing loud, and I couldn’t stop laughing crying and coughing simultaneously! I don’t know if I’ve ever felt as high as I did that night since. Her favorite brand is Artizen

What’s your favorite brand/strain?

Artizen is among my favorite brands. And tangerine dream has been a favorite strain of mine as of late. I’m a hybrid lady, so I love the uplift mixed with the relaxing effects.  Kaitlyn Cardinal

What’s your go-to munchie?

If I’m being naughty, it’s likely cookie dough. But if I’m going for some good eats, it’s probably sushi. I’m always craving that stuff, weed just enhances the eating experience. The flavors are always more euphoric. Her first time getting high was the most memorable Follow Kaitlyn on Instagram here @kaitlyn.cardinal and on Twitter here @kaitrosebird Interested in being our next Wikileaf Social Spotlight? Email me here: